Orisa: The Guardian Robot

Playing computer games have become a trend in this generation. Due to the development of modern technology, various technological devices were produced, and one of them is a computer unit. This computer unit does a lot of tasks such as storing important files or documents, playing videos, photos, and also for gaming purposes.

Nowadays, there are already thousands of computer games released by trusted gaming companies across the world. But there is a game that stands out from the rest of these games. Do you have any idea about what this game is? Well, it is Overwatch.

Let us now move on to a quick discussion of this game.

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a game produced and released by Blizzard Entertainment. This computer game is known as a team-based and multiplayer first-person shooter, which means it is filled with action, as well as combative concepts.

Moving on, Overwatch will never be a successful game without the characters, which makes the game lot more effective and efficient. Do you have any idea about the heroes used in Overwatch?

Among the 30 and more characters being used in Overwatch, there is one character that does a lot of great things. This character is Orisa.

Who is Orisa?

Orisa is an active and one-month-old character of Overwatch. Its occupation in the game is a guardian robot, and its base is located in Numbani. The main role of Orisa is as a tank, which does great things in protecting the allies and game from the enemies.


Fusion Driver

During combat, Orisa releases cannons that bring a lot of damage to the enemies. However, there is a problem in this ability, for it slows her down while firing the cannon. This commonly leads to death, for she can’t save herself from the enemies coming near to her.


This is regarded as Orisa’s other useful ability wherein she launches a graviton charge and gets detonated having the same action. The sphere will then move slowly and pull any enemy passing nearby.


Here, Orisa reduces any damage that can be done to her temporarily. She is also not affected by any movement-impairing effects. This is a sort of temporary shield that a gamer can use to pass through a large pool of enemies without getting bruised or injured.

Protective Barrier

Fire is one of the deadly traps in this game; that is why it is important to consider Orisa as your character. Orisa launches a protective barrier that serves as a shield to her and also to her allies when there is fire.


As her allies are continuously battling with the enemies, Orisa uses this ability to increase the fatality of damage to the enemies. If she sees that one of her allies is already feeling week, she uses this to protect them from any harm.

Orisa is indeed a guardian robot that works a lot to protect not only herself but also her allies in the game from any harm. This character is worth to try and must be given the spotlight.

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