Is ELO Boosting Illegal?

What Does ELO Stand For?


ELO is the rating system in League of Legends used to determine a player's ranking. This system, taken originally from chess, is based on a player's relative skill level and helps categorize players so that games are more evenly matched. Players of equivalent ELO ranking generally play against each other until they progress to the next ranking. But it can be so frustrating when you get stuck in a rank for a long amount of time and just cannot seem to get past it!


What Is ELO Boosting?


Because it can often be difficult to level up naturally or take a good amount of time and skill acquisition, players can resort to the act of ELO Boosting. This is when a gamer of a higher ranking -- the "booster" -- logs in under the "boostee's" account to help them level up in a ranked match. Because they are more advanced than the gamer trying to rank up their skills and gameplay are recorded as advancements and they are moved up in the ELO rating system. This is the easiest way to get to the next rank without having to spend hours proving your are worthy of advancement to the next rank when you already know that you are.


Why Would ELO Boosting Be Illegal?


Some people think ELO boosting should be illegal because it is considered "unfair." This is because, from some viewpoints, it could be considered cheating, as the boostee is utilizing something other than their own skillset to move up in rank. The League Of Legends community and developers do frown upon it and discourage this practice. However, ELO boosting is not illegal, and you are safe to use the practice whenever you like!


Why Isn't ELO Boosting Illegal?


Because, while ELO boosting could be considered an inaccurate representation of a gamer's skill set, and therefore “advancing them prematurely,” it does not give the gamer an “advantage,” and is therefore not cheating. It does come with the nice perks of a higher title and badges, but gameplay-wise, there is no advantage.


Why Do People ELO Boost?


If there is no advantage, it makes no sense then to do it, right? ELO boosting is mainly used for skilled players who are being dragged down by the other players in their ranks. It is a fair, and very real feeling, to believe you should be moving up in rank if only your teammates were better at their jobs. If you are suffering from “ELO hell,” it’s time to call in a booster to advance your position and improve your gameplay.


Should You ELO Boost?


ELO boosting, while frowned upon by uptight players that want to adhere to every unwritten rule and guideline, is not illegal. The only country that has banned the practice is South Korea, as they take their gaming very seriously. Everywhere else it is free and safe to boost and is likely to continue to be until some unfair advantage comes of the practice that would make it considered cheating.

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