Best Overwatch Heroes Who Can Counter Winston

Did you lose most of your support heroes because of Winston?

Yes, it’s painful for a team to die and lose in battle. You have Ana, Widowmaker, and Tracer but they have no match against Winston.

Players who see Winston jumps in the middle of the field are terrified because they know the worse is coming. Winston uses his Barrier Projector to create a bubble that protects his team against any damage.  Then, Winston would use the Tesla Cannon to inflict damage to any enemy on the field. The cone-shaped area effect of the cannon signals the end of your team.

Don’t give up! You can still kill Winston by using the best DPS heroes in your team. The heroes need to kill as soon as Winston lands. The cooldown is 6 seconds, so players use this time to attack him.

If players have these heroes on the field, there’s a chance to defeat Winston:


Winston would block Torbjorn’s Turre, but Winston has no match when the Molten Core heats him. The Molten Core is an excellent weapon against tanks due to the large AoE damage it inflicts in armor.

Do you think that Winston could withstand the weapon?

No. Molten Core’s extra damage on Winston’s armor proves effective in killing him.  Also, don’t forget that Torbjorn uses the Rivet Gun that kills any opponents quickly.


Yes, the Defense Matrix doesn’t counter the Tesla Cannon. But, that’s only Winston’s lead against D.Va.

During an Overwatch match, D.Va inflicts serious damage to Winston by using a series of attacks. D. Va could beat Winston by using Micro Missiles and Fusion Cannons. Winston would try to escape the attack, but it wouldn’t be long.

When Winston’s Boosters cooldown, D.Va would follow him anywhere and have a chance to kill him.


One of the best heroes who could counter Winston is Roadhog. With these excellent skills, Winston wouldn’t have any chance to win:

  • Scrap Gun gives serious damage on close range. Since Winston’s attack is limited, Roadhog could kill him using Scrap Gun.
  • During 1vs1 battle, Roadhog has the upper hand due to immortality offered by Take a Breather.
  • Winston could jump on your teammate and escape. But thanks to the Chain Hook, players can catch Winston.
  • Winston’s Primal Rage has no match against the Whole Hog because Winston could be knocked off several times.

Reaper and Bastion

If you have Reaper on the field, fight Winston at close distance. Reaper should avoid Winston’s Barrier so that you don’t experience any damage.

Like Reaper, Bastion also has an excellent chance to defeat Winston. Bastion can use his auto-attack ability to kill everything in his path.

Winston would try to escape the blows and use his barrier against the attacks. But, there’s a slim chance that he would survive the attacks of Reaper and Bastion.

Winston’s cool and amazing abilities are handy to keep a team safe and alive. Winston can give a powerful attack to an enemy. But, don’t forget that the advantage is still yours once you have Bastion and other heroes to counter Bastion’s attacks.

Get ready to win and rank up by defeating Winston!

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