How to play Overwatch? A Simple Guide

Due to the continuous innovations ad developments that our generation is facing, a lot of varying things were created to help make our lives a lot better and easier. Take a look at your room, and almost everything is the product of modern technology and its application to various fields concerning our lives. The phone you use to communicate is a product of technology, as well as your MacBook’s, televisions, and even your food. See, modern technology brought a lot of good things to our lives. Aside from convenience, it also provided us with different modes of entertainment that we can spend some free time with.

This is when computer games enter the discussion. Computer games and its influence became a rampant thing which already circulated across the world. Different games are being released regularly to reach the changing demands and needs of gamers continuously. One of the most played and requested computer games nowadays is Overwatch. Given this, here is a simple guide that you can adapt if you are a beginner in this game.

Step 1: Install the Game and Blizzard Application

Installation of this game will never be possible without the Blizzard Application that it must be downloaded too. Also, the time of downloading and installation process of this game can take almost two hours; that is why it is recommended to use a strong connection to avoid any interruption.

Step 2: Start the game

After successfully installing the game, you can now start to play by tapping it. Make sure that your internet connection and battery percentage is excellent to avoid any problem.

Step 3: Select Play versus Al or Quick Play

In Overwatch, you are allowed to choose from two choices, which are the Play versus Al and Quick Play. The Play versus Al allows you to have a longer span of playing and more chances of meeting a larger pool of playmates, as well as enemies coming from around the world. The Quick Play, on the other hand, seems like a warm-up game that you can play to prepare and train yourself. To join a game, you need to wait and search for a server.

Step 4: Choose your Hero

After selecting the choice of gameplay, you want, you can now proceed to your heroes. Make sure that you choose properly and according to your needs and skills. In Overwatch, there are lots of heroes that you can choose from, and it all has its own unique characteristics, skills, and abilities.

Step 5: Get down the basic controls

After choosing your hero, you can now move forward to familiarizing yourself with the basic controls needed for the game. Start with the basic controls before jumping to the professional level. In this way, you enable yourself to grow, starting from being a newbie to being a professional player someday.

Step 6: Access communication through holding D-Pad down

Communicating with your playmates is also needed, so it must be done. You can do this by holding the D-Pad down.

Step 7: Start and play with different characters

After being well-equipped, you can now proceed to the proper game and work hard to reach the victory!

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