Overwatch – How It Started and the Facts You Should Know

Overwatch is the fourth franchise made by Blizzard. It was started in after the cancellation of the game named Titan, an online multiplayer role-playing project, in 2014. At that same year, the online multiplayer battle games are gaining its popularity as well. The Titan project inspired some of the concepts of this newly created gaming platform.


You can play Overwatch on PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, but a subscription is needed for you to gain access to it. Its open beta had been a successful one. It earned more than 9.7 million players, allowing it to quickly became famous in a short period.


In this game, two opposing teams consisting of six players each for Competitive Play, Quick Play, and standard modes. Players are free to choose among the wide variety of heroes with specialized skills and roles. The team must make sure that all characters they set up have balance roles and strength for them to achieve the objectives of this game. If you are a newbie, it is, therefore, essential to learning the skills of each hero so you’ll know how it can contribute to the success of the entire team.


Take note that players who left the matches will incur a penalty, thus affecting their entire team. There is also a dedicated meter called On-fire Meter which is specially designed to track the activity of each player in the game. Every action he did can affect the status of the tool such as when he attacks the enemies, heals his allies, and captures the objective.


The meter can also drop whenever the player has no contribution during the game. Reaching the threshold can also transform the character’s icon “on fire.” It indicates that this hero is a threat to the opponent team. Just like you are watching your favorite sports, the best moments of players are also captured after each match. A replay will be shown and the “Play of the Game” will be determined.


Four individual achievements achieved by four players from both the teams will also be highlighted. From these four, players will also be given a chance to select the best and promote it. Furthermore, the results of the match will either decrease or increase the skill rating depending on the Competitive Points they gained. Different play modes were also used in the game to give players the most challenging gaming experience.

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