Overwatch Most Played Heroes 2020

Whether you're looking for the best hero to start your own team in Overwatch or simply need a bit of inspiration to do well in the rank, here are some of the most played heroes for you to start with today!


She is essentially a support character that many players rely on today. Moira's orbs can efficiently pass through obstacles. This makes her an optimal choice in the current list of popular heroes to try out now. She possesses this awesome ability to take care of her things during sketchy situations and fade out from hard-hitting flankers.


While we've seen a thin dip of Reinhardt's rank since the GOATs camp days, he is still doing well this year. It is all thanks to his gigantic barrier that can protect the whole backline, coupled with the withering potential of a properly timed Earthshatter.


Mercy did a good job of rising from being a less valuable hero asset to being one of the solid picks right now. Mainly because she provides a reliable, sturdy one-target healing.


Although a relatively new addition to the Overwatch heroes, Baptiste has already gained the hearts of numerous players. He features a pretty high ceiling and is one of the strongest healers in Overwatch right now.


Ever since Orisa was launched, it seems like the word "lucky" doesn't compliment well with her. But now, she made it to the limelight as one of the popular heroes to watch out for in the game. It's all thanks to her set of abilities, which keeps the teams out of the danger's way.


A very strong pick for Overwatch players. Ana is also well-known for acquiring healing powers, which she is using to help her allies if things get tough. Her kit is flexible too.


Though Lucio lacks health to play with, he continues to shine brightly in a collaborative and random team. His exceptional flexibility, versatility, and capability to sustain his teammates and get them back in action makes him a desirable, strong pick for a team.


If frustrating your enemy is your goal, Mei would be an excellent damage hero to consider. She has a full load of pesky crowd-control skills, summon down a large wall of ice, and an Ultimate immobilizing ability that will surely mash up your game.


Another damage hero that is continuously gaining popularity right now, Asher is incredibly strong and is completely able to deliver massive amounts of damage at any range. She's possessed all the tools to have a large impact on a game.


This Overwatch hero has insane mobility as well as capable of harassing the backline with full ease and contravening ultimates. Her excellent all-rounder style adds to her appeal to the players.

You shouldn't get too comfortable with this list, though. They might be leading the list for now, but we can expect a new list in the next few days. After all, we have millions of players across the world that determine whether a certain hero deserves the spot.

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