Hero 31 will be Released Soon

With the change in the Overwatch game experience, Role Queue has many new features that will improve the game. To make it balance, the developers also make sure that the heroes are still useful and viable in the game. Some heroes will have some changes to make them viable in the game. But a new hero is joining the team of heroes in the game.

On the social media account of overwatch specifically on twitter, there is a teaser released by the developer. The teaser started with the developer update from Jeff Kaplan, its director, but it was interjected by some soft music, black hole overriding the feed, as well as pop up a mathematical equation.

In the second teaser posted, it shows a little more about Hero 31, where it looks like a uniform with a badge. It has a background music of a piano and the camera wobbles but suddenly, the color changes with a warning sound effect which it is like an unstable one.

The new developer update makes everyone who sees it more curious about it, which they had some different speculations from who will it be and what it may be.  There are some witty comments about what and who it can be, and it gets more exciting. As we know, this new hero is likely to be based on a gravity or math thing. We can also assume that it is a male one as what the director Jeff Kaplan said that “he” can be an awesome one.  This hero will surely have a great purpose in the team.

From the recent update by the developer, Summer game is coming, and it will happen sooner than it should be. There was no exact date when it would be released the summer game for this year, but it is sooner. The new hero 31 is also tackle, but it will be revealed later on it, so we better keep in touch for the, release an update about it.

Also, he talked about the new anti-cheat features which they will have cheat detection method that will shut down the game if they detected cheating. However, you don’t need to worry about the skill rating because even you would like the side who didn’t cheat or reverse, your SR will not be affected.  There will be a harsh action against the cheater but, as stated by the Kaplan, it will be the next evolution of cheat detection for the pretty awesome game.

Overall, there will be more updates coming very soon, together with the schedule of the Summer Game 2019, the release of the new Hero 31, and new Cheat detection. There are also new features such as subtitles to help muted players about the guideline and also for some that like to read the updates. All that is happening to the overwatch is exciting that is surely worth the wait. So if you want to be updated on the latest happening in the Overwatch game, stay tuned for more updates.

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