Possible Penalties during the Competitive Overwatch Game

Similar to the different forms of the online game, the rules and regulations are implemented to maintain the adequate behavior of every player. The players must not make tinges that can hurt the solidarity of the entire gaming experiences. And implementing penalties is the best way that Overwatch can do to maintain their gaming reputation. If you fail to follow the rules and regulations that were performed by Overwatch might for your team to incur some penalties.

It is just natural for each player of each team to have penalties when they unfollow the specific rules and regulations enforced by Overwatch. But in spite of that, fans are not the only ones who can determine the behaviors based on the player’s skills. Instead, everyone can be an observer based on their techniques of handling the game situation. The penalties that will incur by the players will always vary upon the type and gravity of the felony.

When the player discontinues the competitive match within two minutes, his or her decision will not only impact his entire team. There is also a high possibility to cancel the whole match. On the other hand, if leaving the match after two minutes, he and his co-players will continue the play for about two more minutes. If the first player did not go back within the first two minutes, the latter would pick if they will leave and decline the penalty of the offenders. But, their rating skills will also reduce because they will lose that game session. Those remaining players still have the chance to re-join the session as long as the game remains in progress.

One of the results of this penalty is that the player who leaves the game is required to lose the entire data and reset the scoring board. Even though his co-players re-join the gaming session, the possibility to recover the forfeited statistics is low. Thus, they are in need to start the game from the beginning.

Aside from the reduction in the rating of the player’s skills,  who discontinue the playing the Competitive Match, the players will also face the punishment called the “10-minute penalty.” And with that, they will not have the chance to play another session of Competitive Match inside the given time. This kind of offense can be agreed if the players don’t experience any infraction offense.

When the player stops doing this behavior, they are now limited in joining any Competitive Matches that can happen in the future. There is also a chance that their team will be barred from the game within a particular gaming match. Moreover, the rewards they collected can be deprived of the Overwatch organization. The organization can reduce the build-up of penalties when they prevent showing unwanted behaviors and complete every match. Aside from that, the incurred team is also required to reach plenty of types of matches during a similar gaming match without producing any offenses.

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