Custom Game Modes in Overwatch

Gamers have gotten impatient waiting for Overwatch 2. However, different custom game modes allow them to have great experiences.


This article tells you some things about these modes, so you can enjoy a fun time while playing the game! Don’t miss anything and read until the end. If you don’t, you might be killed by a traitor or swallowed by hot lava!


Murder Mystery


Murder Mystery is one of people’s favorite custom game modes, as it allows players to experience the game like a true horror story. In the version, Overwatch twists Trouble in Terrorist Town – there, 25% of the players are traitors trying to kill all the innocents while they avoid hunters.


Besides being a new dark and satisfying way to enjoy Overwatch, Murder Mystery offers various powers to both hunters and traitors. Even though the latter group can become invisible by choice, hunters can see them if they crouch. Everyone has to do their best to win!


Lava Rising


Want to run from the lava? Overwatch has a game mode just for you. With the Lava Rising version, players have to escape the hot temperatures as lava pushes from the ground and makes them reach higher ground levels.


Not everything is running, though. You can also have fun trapping people using powers like Junkrat’s Steel Trap and rejoice by watching them burn in lava. Just your casual Sunday entertainment.


Confused heroes can have a good time while trying to push through the different levels, as all their powers are changed in the Lava Rising version.


Hero Merging


Even though the Hero Merging version starts as the usual game mode, it brings much newer things to the table. There, characters can choose to merge and be friends. To make matters trickier, if you choose to merge with a base player, you are going to lose control of where you’re going and what you do.


However, you can still shoot and aim, regardless of merging with someone else. Besides, there are no limits as to how many characters can merge. It can become a complete mess, but it’s so fun that thousands of players choose to give it a try!


Bastion Escape


The Bastion Escape mode combines many things players love and hate at the same time. It’s infuriatingly fun. You start a level, and you have one basic goal: get the flag to the end.


Nonetheless, things can’t be that easy, can they? While you try to find your way with the flag, you need to try to survive among other players, constantly change characters and unlock new ones, and avoid people that try to harm you!


Likewise, there are other tiny modes just to have fun. You can flee the sun, play in parkour maps, and more!


Final Thoughts


Overwatch has so many game modes that it’s like playing something completely different each time you try one of them. Now that you know some, why don’t you give them a try and have some fun? Make sure you survive the traitors and the lava!

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