What to Avoid As an Overwatch Healer?

The role of a healer is underappreciated and underused. The truth is that Overwatch support heroes are a critical part of establishing a cohesive and strong team. Healers require low mechanical skills and can be easy to play. Some players, however, misuse them and commit mistakes that can affect your team in the long run.

Good news! These blunders require quick fixes and can make you an effective game-saving hero. What are the common mistakes Overwatch healers commit? How to fix and avoid them?

This simple guide has got you covered! Keep reading for more information!

Failure to Communicate with Your Team Members

Communication helps you succeed in competitive matches. But it is easier said than done. Some players fail to talk to their teammates. If you’re Ana, inform your buddies of your intention to utilize Nano Boost.

Avoid Crossing the Path of Your Opponents

As a support hero, you don’t want to collapse as your team will soon crumble down with you. So, avoid dying unless your self-sacrifice can benefit your squad. Dying in Overwatch, however, is inevitable, especially when your opponents have a cheeky flanker, a seasoned sniper, or a powerful unit.

Still, it’s possible to minimize the odds of an untimely death. There are simple methods to take advantage of. You can hang in the backlines near the other healers or behind the shield tanks. If you fear a flank by an Overwatch hero, position yourself in the middle of the squad. That’s it!

Separating From Your Squad

Competitive opponents will cut off your squad into 2 or more segments to increase your vulnerability. Since you’re the support hero, you’re always the target. Of course, the DPS and other team members are responsible for damaging your enemies. But don’t wait for your squad to rescue you from the brink of death. Damage the squishier foes when the need arises.

Doing Many Tasks

Although Lucio and Mercy can act as a hero mode, most support heroes lack maneuverability. Moira, for example, can find herself in big trouble when her Fade and other features cool down. To reduce the risk, get your buddies to rally to you.

Also, don’t be everywhere when healing a large group.

Healing the Wrong Teammates

Who do you think needs your healing the most? Is it the solo DPS hero? Is it the tank or large group? New healers might focus on a solo DPS. It’s a good idea. But healing Reapers, Genji’s, and Soldiers are better.

Unable to Coordinate Ults with the Other Healers

Communication or coordination doesn’t mean you always have to talk to your fellow healers. But when planning to use your Ult, inform your squad to maximize resourcefulness and healing output.

Sometimes, other support heroes might use Zen’s Transcendence and Valkyrie at the same time. Don’t do the same thing. A single healing Ult is enough.

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