Unraveling the Play Style of Ana

Overwatch is composed of best heroes if you just knew how to choose the right one. Ana an Overwatch hero added on July 19, 2016, is an army sniper before and now he comes out of her comfort zone and decided to join the battle to protect the people around her.

Ana’s great appearance made her more exciting to play. She is an old woman of Middle Eastern/Northeast African who wears a brown jacket with a hood and an eye patch. She also has kneepads, a black jacket, and a flap. Due to her age, her hair was colored white and beside her right eye is a horus tattoo. She has a great personality of being a responsible hero as she always heals and takes care of her teammates. Ana used to pity those she kills on the combat because she knew that they also have a family or loved ones waiting for them.

Here are the tips that can help you with the play style of Ana.

1. Sleep Dart


The sleep dart of Ana is an effective tool as it can completely damage its enemy in just a few seconds. It can be used as a last-second escape or to the opponent using his/her ultimate. Sleep dart is useful to attack Bastion because of becoming stationary for times. When you shoot Bastion with this Sleep Dart he has no time left to move away. Use this ability to target Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt, D.Va, and Roadhog. Yet, this ability cannot fire in a quick time so be compensated when you are aiming for an attack with this ability.


2. Biotic Grenade


This weapon of Ana has an incredible range as you have to do is to make an arc. You can practice it by messing around against A.I and try to feel it. This weapon makes Ana a great support hero in Overwatch. The great advantage of this weapon is to speed up the healing process of his teammates.


3. Biotic Riffle


This is a unique weapon of Ana that can be either a hitscan weapon or a projectile. The hip-fire does not have a trail yet its projectile can move fast. While the scope of hitscan weapon is the trail that can lead back to you. These two should be in pairs when being used. Just keep in mind to use the hip-fire in a quiet place or stay hidden.


4. Nano Boost


This one should be used with Ultimate Ability or Tanks. It is strongly recommended to use with Nano Boost the Ultimate Abilities of Genji’s Dragonblade, McCree’s Deadeye, Pharah’s Barrage, Bastion’s Configuration: Tank, Reaper’s Death Blossom, Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor, and Roadhog’s Whole Hog. Just make sure that you inform your teammates before using the Nano Boost because it should not be wasted as it is more valuable than other weapons. It can immediately heal the health for 300 points and now it has a lot of methods that can be used for defense.

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