Roles of Having Support Heroes in Playing Overwatch

Every player on each team who plays the Overwatch online game possesses unique abilities and performances. And you can improve your current characteristics and powers with choosing the best support heroes. Support heroes are the one that has the responsibilities for enhancing the survival damage, speed, and opportunities to the entire group. On the other hand, they can’t win the game without the help of the other teammates. Thus, they need to have lots of teammates to dominate their performances. In this article, we will give you several names of support heroes that you might need to receive the protection type and support.


Zenyatta is the first support hero that you can have. He is the omnic guru of the game who tries to solve some issues by having a strong connection and engagement with different individuals. He also possesses the great discord and harmony that can heal his other partners. He can also weaken his opponents. He has the freedom to perform all these actions and puts himself to the immunity’s superior state to create damage.


Moira is one of the most reliable support heroes that you can have for you to win every Overwatch gaming match. She is a one of the followers of the Talons Council of Leaders and a geneticist at the same time. She can also perform Quick Melee, and you don’t need to reload her. She possesses her Primary Fire that can be reloaded immediately by dealing with the damages accumulated by the Secondary Fire she also owns. Waiting can also reload her Primary Fire naturally.


Mercy is one of the support heroes that you can have. She is a field medic and a nano-biologist at the same time. She can also heal her entire group by using her Valkyrie Suit. She is considered as the guardian angel of the match who can give strength to her teammates by using the Caduceus Staff she owns.


Lucio is the musician support hero of the Overwatch online game. One of the best characteristics he possesses is his skills in promoting and dominating social change through his music. He uses Sonic Amplifier that release blasts of sounds and projectiles that can have a great impact on his opposing teams. With the use of his music, he can heal his groupmates by restoring their health. Thus, they can bring back their power and average speed to use it again.


Brigitte is one of the best support heroes in Overwatch. She is known as the mechanic and a professional metalsmith that has the responsibility to defend her buddies. She is the support hero of Reinhardt, and the said main hero is currently travelling across the state of Europe. She also has the responsibility of protecting her friends and those individuals who need her help.


The game’s founding member, Ana, is a previous sniper and planned to work inside the battle to protect her family and friends. With the use of her Biotic Grenade and Biotic Rifle, her co-members can restore their health.

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