Penalties to Incur in an Overwatch Competitive Play

Just like any other game, rules of conduct are designed to keep players on proper behavior. They shouldn’t create nuances that can ruin the camaraderie of the gaming experience. It is one of the best ways to take care of the reputation of Overwatch. Failure to follow specific regulations imposed by Overwatch results in penalties incurred by the team.


It is normal that the offensive team will get penalized when they apply specific rules of conduct. After all, fans will not only observe them based on their skills, but many can also see their behavior based on how they handle the situation of the game. The penalties given depends on the gravity and type of offense.


If a player leaves within the first two minutes of the ongoing Competitive match, it won’t only affect his team, but it is also possible that the entire match will be canceled. However, if this kind of offense happened after the two minutes, his teammates can continue the game for two minutes. If he didn’t return within that given time, the remaining players could choose whether to leave without accepting the offender's penalty, but their skill rating will also decrease since they will be declared a loss for that match. Those who left can still rejoin the match as long as it is still in progress.


Another outcome of this offense is that the leaver needs to forfeit all of the data while the scoring board is reset. Although they rejoin the match, there is no chance that the forfeited statistics can be recovered. It then needs to restart from scratch.


Aside from decreasing the skill rating of the players who leave in the Competitive Match, they will also incur a 10-minute penalty. That is, they are not allowed to join another Competitive match within that specific period. This penalty can be given once they don’t have any infraction penalty incurred yet.


As the players continue this kind of behavior, they will be restricted to join on Competitive future matches. They may also be banned from the Competitive Play within that season. Furthermore, their rewards can also be forfeited by the organization. They can decrease the accumulation of penalties when they can complete matches and avoid doing the same behavior again. Furthermore, they also need to complete more matches during that season without another offense so that they can get a pardon.

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