Overwatch: What Are Its Benefits?

Are you looking for an additional source of income that does not require you to give effort physically, and that does not require you to go from one place to another? Are you a fan and certified online computer gamer? Well, Overwatch might be the one for you.

Nowadays, people are looking for creative and effective sources of income to help them with their daily expenses. With the continuously increasing needs and wants, it is only important to be even more hard-working to support ourselves. Good thing, with the influence of modern technology, computer games are created and then gave birth to Esports. What is Esports?

Esports refers to a kind of sport that does not require the players to give physical efforts such as running, jumping, climbing, and other else. Here, you only need to find a comfortable sit in front of your computer unit to start the battle. Esports is simply defined as the sport of playing computer or mobile games. This was named after the rampantly increasing rate of gamers around the world. However, there is already an increasing rate of addict players, which is why the term Esports was created. This is to provide the players with another reason to play computer games, and that is to earn money. Given that, here is a brief and detailed flow on how to make money from one of the most trusted and played games of all time, Overwatch.

Players of Overwatch League have been known for their popularity and lucrative income through playing the game only.

Here are some of the points from the Overwatch League players:

  • During the 2019 season, Overwatch League players were offered $50,000 as their minimum payment and prize pool money worth $5 million as the maximum. This is so lucrative that is why players make sure that they are ready and well-equipped to play the game.


  • Health insurances were given to the players for them to be safe and ready in times of emergency. Although this game does not require the players to play the game with the body getting hit physically, slammed, or other else, the main problem here is lack of sleep and sudden attacks depending on the results. In fact, the players can have a heart attack once known they failed the game. So, health insurance is made to keep them ready in times of crisis. The health insurance will reduce their bills once hospitalized or needs medicines.


  • Housing and retirement plans are also offered during the season of being a gamer. Here, gamers can enjoy the house given or bought for them as an Overwatch League player.


  • Lastly, there is a contract that determines the time of being an Overwatch League player. The contract typically lasts about 3-5 years, and during this time, the players must do their very best. There are also instances that the contract can be extended, especially if the player does a good job of playing the game.

Overwatch is indeed a computer game that provides not only entertainment but also additional income for the players. But please keep in mind that playing this game too hard can also lead to several complications or problems, so it is better to be reminded all the time about the limitations.

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