The Different Roles of heroes in Overwatch

The Different Roles of heroes in Overwatch: Tank, Damage, Support

The overwatch heroes are the individuals who lend their lives to protect the earth against forces that want to destroy it.  As of today, there are 31(thirty-one) heroes that you can play in the game. They are categorized into three roles, the Tank, Damage, and Support. Every hero in the overwatch has their skills and abilities to perform and is important in the team. Choosing a hero is crucial, so you need to know their uses and how they work on the teams and as an individual.

  • Tanks

The tanks hero in the overwatch is the one that specializes in protecting their group. They have a unique ability to take the massive amount of damage, to cancel their opponent’s ability and protect their teams with a shield or have a quick healing ability. Either they’re on attack or defense mode, tanks are the ones who will lead the team and the one who will protect them.


Two categories of tank

-Main tank

They are the tank heroes who have a shield ability that will shields their teams against damage from their enemies.

- Off tank

They are the tank heroes, which is more on mobile, they focus on headfirst than protecting the team. The one who is attacking first the enemies.


  • Damage

The damage heroes are the powerhouse of the team. They are in charge of defeating their enemies. Through their range abilities, they attack their opponents. They are also well equipped and ready to fight in any situation. They needed the help of the support heroes to help them survive against their enemies. They can also go through one-on-one.


  • Support

The support heroes are the one who helps the team, especially in utility and healing support. They can boost their teammates in providing healing and or increasing their speed. They are weak in one-on-one fights, and so they need to be near in their damage teams.During their matches.

Even if they are weak in fighting, they are important because they are the backbone of the team. The support heroes are the one who will heal their teams, especially the damaged hero, to give them life support or ability to survive in the game through healing them.


Types of support heroes

-Traditional Support Heroes

They are support heroes that are a lack of HP and lack of real damage. They always should be close to the tank heroes.

-Versatile/ Aggressive support Heroes

They are the support heroes who are equipped to support the team and also fight for themselves even in a larger fight. They are the heroes that are good in adapting to the situations.

Understanding and getting to know more about the Overwatch heroes are important.  Choosing the best team in playing is a must because it is the key for you to win or lose in the game. With the knowledge which is the best in best inputting to in one team and know how to use them is the big advantage for you as a player to win in the match.


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