Overwatch on Android and iOS Devices

Most of you who are fond of playing video games have encountered the term “Overwatch.” For those who don’t, Overwatch is a type of video game that is being played by video gamers in every corner of the world. Because of its popularity, there are lots of players who are asking about the specific release date of Overwatch mobile versions for both Android and iOS devices.

After the release of Overwatch in the world of video games, most of its players are asking if its developers are going to provide for the mobile port of Overwatch. Whether the developer is going to release a mobile port on Android, iOS, or both, playing the said video game in different forms is one of the things that are being pleaded by most of its fans.

In this post, I am going to answer your question, “is Overwatch available on both Android and iOS mobile devices?” So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

These days, the developer of Overwatch does not release the mobile version of the game yet. We all know that Overwatch needs to be downloaded and installed on your PC or computer. But, most of its players have their mobile phones, so that they are asking for the mobile version of the said game. It is quite strange to know that neither the Blizzard nor the Activision is trying to get this huge success shooter on the market. This is always true if you are going to consider the success and popularity gained by the other mobile games in the same field.

As we mentioned a while ago, Blizzard wants to create and release the mobile versions of Overwatch. But, the release of the mobile version of the said video game on the iOS device needs to be materialized. Up until now, there is no specific date on when the Overwatch mobile versions for Android and iOS will be released.

We can say that the release of the Overwatch mobile version took some time. Most of the players are still hoping that the Blizzard will then release the iOS and Android versions of the Overwatch video game. Since the release date for the iOS mobile version of Overwatch is still unclear, it is also expected that the release date for the Android mobile version is also not clear.


We cannot deny the fact that Overwatch is one of the video games that can be downloaded and installed on a computer. In connection with that, there are also players who are pleading for the release of Overwatch mobile versions. Unluckily, there is no specific release date given by its developer. But the good news here is that there is a high chance that the mobile versions of Overwatch will be released this year.

The only thing that you, as a player, can do for now is to wait until the right time comes. Enjoy playing Overwatch!

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