Overwatch Workshop: Raising Overwatch Gameplay into the Next Level

The awesome multiplayer game Overwatch had been the most sought after game for players who wanted an extraordinary gaming experience. It had been three years since its first release, and no reason or signs is stopping them from becoming the greatest game. Overwatch had also opened up doors for those who wanted to take their gaming skills into the next level through Esports. Well, who would not want becoming a professional player for the game that they have once played at home?

Their annual game tournament is just one of the many reasons players love about Overwatch. Thanks to its developer, the Blizzard Entertainment, there are other things to look forward to – and one of which is the Overwatch Workshop.

What is the Workshop?

Every player alike has their own reasons why they like playing the same game. No matter how awesome their animation is, when their quests or gameplay isn’t enjoyable, then you know what comes next. Just like in food, you can turn a boring dish into an exciting one by adding some flavors in it. Here in Overwatch, you have a chance to use an incredible tool to add more fun the way you want it!

The Workshop is a game scripting system that allows players to use the available customization features in the Game Browser. Within this said system, you can create a script to add some awesome play conditions and rules over the favorite game modes that you enjoy. Aside from the custom modes, it also enables you to some hero tweaks.  You can customize their abilities, movement, and even how they will get healed or damaged. Isn’t that amazing?

However, you can only do the magic in Public Test Region or PTR servers, which is only possible via PC. But if you really wanted to unleash your creativity as a game developer of your own, then just give it a try. You can even check some of the popular game modes listed under the Custom Games.

Here are some of the popular Workshop codes that you will love to play on PTR:

  • Two Heroes at Once – created by Hawaiian_spawn, this mode enables you to choose two of your fave heroes and swap them even during a short cooldown. Your choice of heroes is crucial as it can either let you win or lose that battle. The creator of this mode also added a feature that will enable you to check your opponent’s pick of their secondary hero. Check out the code Y1S15 to enjoy this mode.
  • McCree’s Hot Potato – with code 9J4NE, creator Kevlar have probably thought of having a hot game that is why he comes up with this mode. If winning might mean getting as hot as a potato, then might as well as let everyone burn.Being a hot potato may also mean getting your skin to get burnt, but you can avoid it. You can get through punching someone or hit them with a bullet to win.
  • Enhanced Ana Paintball – this may have been one of the basic modes among the custom games, but as creator Jinko enhanced it, everyone will probably love and select this character. For those who are not yet a pro with this character, no worries, the new map layouts, and other features will help you accomplished that one-shot-kill and win! Check out the code JCQ9S and enjoy.

Aside from these modes, there are others that you can check out on the game list. Today, it may just be available in PTR servers, but who knows how awesome it can get when it finally goes live? What do you think?

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