Overwatch: A Story Guide to D.Va

D.Va is one of Overwatch's most popular and interesting characters. 


Starting off her career as a professional gamer, Hana Song played a lot of classic games with her father growing up. 


It was he that introduced her to Starcraft and guided her through the world of competitive gaming. 


In highschool, D.Va became a Mecha Guardian V player. She excelled in this game, and before long, was the number one ranked player globally. She was a relentless player, and with this hardened attitude, she went on to win the world championship. 


Despite her personal success, her home of South Korea was struggling against the Gwishin omnic onslaught. 


A mech division of the Korean army, dubbed MEKA, was at the forefront of the defense. The omnics were winning, however, and they disrupted the division's drone network, forcing the piolets to drive the mechs themselves manually.


The mechs have complicated weapon systems installed, and the government struggled to find suitable talent to piolet them. This was when they turned to Korea’s pro gamers, who were deemed to have the necessary skills and instincts to operate the weapons effectively.


D.Va, along with many others, was drafted into service of the military. She saw this as a challenge, and another step in her career. Her skills and competitive nature made her an excellent fit for the unit, and she proved to be a lethally effective piolet.


Along with the rest of her unit, D.Va is a fearless fighter and often charges headfirst into battle.


After some time, she began to stream her combat operations online, which quickly developed her a massive global fanbase. These streams turned her into a worldwide superstar and secured her many different macabre sponsorship deals.

Missing the freedom of civilian life, D.Va became a big fan of Mei and often read about her adventures.


As the war progressed, the omnics put more and more pressure on the country. D.Va began to falter under the weight of the pressure, and all of her other squadmates were critically injured, sent away on medical leave.


The Gwishin omnics launched a quick surprise attack on the city of Busan, where D.Va was stationed. The speed of the attack left no time for reinforcements, and D.Va, along with childhood friend Dae-Hyun, was left to fend off the assault.


Singlehandedly, she fought off the invasion, killing all but one omnic, her mech getting critically destroyed in the process.


With no weapon systems left online, she overloaded the mechs reactor and ejecting herself shot it with her light pistol, destroying it and the remaining omnic.


The blast knocked her into the ocean, where a search and rescue team recovered her.


The ordeal left her with a broken arm and leg, but the media wishing to sensationalize the story reported that she emerged without a scratch.


This brings D.Va's story up to the present. It's a unique origin story that is rarely, if ever, seen in modern media. I have to wonder where she can go from here once Overwatch 2 is released.

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