Overwatch League Token to Unleash New Hero/Skin

League Token is a latest currency in Overwatch. This is utilized to unlock new color systems utilized by the different teams in Overwatch League. This is so easy. Once you follow a specific Overwatch League team, you can show support in-game through wearing the costume of heroes they are using.

FAQ on Overwatch League Token 

A league token is the latest currency which has been presented to let gamers to buy heroes utilized by their preferred Overwatch league teams.

The procurement is different from Loot Box System, and gamer is needed to either buy them from the in-game store or get the diverse free token offers that are accessible.

The new hero/skin will cost you 100 tokens. You can buy these tokens in the US and the UK as well for these prices:

  • 100 Tokens for 4.99
  • 200 Tokens for 8.99
  • 400 tokens for 16.99
  • 900 tokens for 34.99
  • 2600 tokens for 87.49

You need to pay 87.49 to unlock the color scheme for each skin, which at present exists in the game. It is easy to unlock the skin. All you want is to click the Overwatch League section and then choose the Overwatch League team whose colors you like to utilize. 

If you have done, you will see the entire 26 skins. Just press the Unlock key located on the right portion of the screens; however, ensure you have a sufficient amount of Tokens to do this to get access to the hero you want. 

How to Avail Tokes 

There are many ways available to acquire these tokens to use in unlocking a new skin or hero such as:

  1. The first technique to acquire free league Token is to log into the Overwatch game. When done, check the Overwatch league tab, which has been put to the title screen; you will be given 100 tokens, which are added on your account. That is the simplest way to acquire more tokens. However, this is only applicable for first time users. 
  2. Another way of getting some League Tokens for free is that if you register for updates, you will get an extra 100 League for free. All you have to do is to register for the email alerts. You can key in your address on the official website of Overwatch. All you need to do is search for the black box. 

Account Limitations

However, there are some restrictions you need to follow when getting free tokens. The first thing to consider is that your account must be in good standing to get the free tokens that are on offer at present. 

Once you’ve been silenced, or your Overwatch account has been restricted in any other means because of fines and penalties, you can’t pick them up. 


League tokens play a vital role in playing the Overwatch game. With this, you can unlock new powerful heroes that can help you increase the chance of winning your game. Just ensure to follow the instruction to avoid banning your account.

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