Overwatch Heroes That Are Easy and Hard to Use

A high skill floor Overwatch heroes have higher ability ceiling than the lower skill floor heroes. This article will categorize them differently. Keep in mind, while there are Overwatch heroes who are easy to use or play, no here is easy to control and master. To have a full understanding of any overwatch hero while being automatically superior to most other gamers is a rare thing. You might certainly wreck with soldier 76 in gold, but that does not mean you have mastered his character.

Lists of Overwatch Heroes That Can Be Controlled Easily

Pharah: If you can stay yourself in the air and able to use an inconsistent flight outline, making it difficult to shot down, you can totally ruin the game. Pharah’s splash damage is extremely strong, and her hit damage is insane. 

Torbjorn: Put that turret and don’t die. Fix the turret or make a new one now and then, to keep the guard guessing. Even if it is considered a low-rank hero, Torbjorn works in all ranks.

Reinhardt: While Rein is easy to control, you need a good game sense, mind tactics, and positioning. The basis of his character is so simple. Keep your defense up; make sure to play with your teammate and have a proper coordination to maximize this hero.

Lucio: The speed and healing aura of Lucio is shorter compared before, but, as long as you are fighting with the team, then you are on the right track.

Mercy: This is simplest and easiest hero to play in Overwatch. Mercy locks damage or healing buff to you. It does not need line of sight. It can stay on a wall for a short period. Mercy Rez is tricky; however, the whole thing in her kit makes her a relatively easy hero to play.

Some Overwatch Heroes That Are Hard to Control or Play

Genji: His reflect, and mobility capability makes Genji one of the most exciting heroes in Overwatch game. On the other hand, he is extremely difficult to get a lot out.

Sombra: This hero looks like a simple flank hero; however that is not her job at all. Sombra’s low damage output makes it difficult to bear out kills, but her utility is very advantageous to a team.

Winston: This hero is great if you have a team that supports you. If you don’t have, you will die fast. Winston is an adjoining tank sort of. He tickles opponents and dives out.


Regardless of the hero you use, as long as you are not skilled, you will never become successful in this game. There are overwatch boosting techniques that can help you win lots of games.

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