Beginners Guide in Playing Overwatch

One of the emerging games today is the overwatch. There are people around the world that are playing this game all the time and enjoying its quality gameplay. There are also people that do not know how to play this game but are willing to play, are you one of these people?

Fortunately for you this a beginner’s guide in playing overwatch. Never feel out of place again and enjoy the bliss and excitement of this game. Through this beginner’s guide, you will be learning the basics of the game overwatch, so what I want you to do is to hang on until the end!

How familiar are you with the game? Overwatch is a first-person shooting game. The game consists of different modes focusing on squad combats comprised of two teams consisting of six members each. Members or players can select “heroes” around 30 characters. These heroes have their own roles to fill in the team.


Offense - Heroes that can give out significant damages to enemy heroes that can do the both, offense and defense. They can attack control points or even defend the control points.

Defense – The shield of the team. These are heroes that can absorb damages from opposing heroes. Can be used to defend control points and even to protect other players from attacks.

Support – Heroes that can heal and buff their ally heroes that be useful in crucial situations because of their healing qualities.

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