Mistakes that Every DPS Commit in Overwatch

Damaged-Based Players (DPS) are the flashiest and the most satisfying heroes to play in Overwatch. However, these damage-laced characters can be ineffective sometimes. This is especially true when you don’t execute your game plan well.

DPS does demand not only decent mechanical skills, but also their low health can make them weak in the heat of every battle. Now, let us know the common mistakes that players commit in Overwatch. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Unable to Target the Backline

Yes, this role is tailored to Tracer, Genji, Reaper, and other speedier heroes. Some damaged-based players, however, take advantage of flanks to target the enemy’s backline.

Handling Many Enemies at Once

It’s quite tempting to boost your capabilities in Overwatch or carry a battle alone. But it’s not advisable. It’s worth it to wait for your teammates out before you make a push as an individual unit. For that reason, you can deal more damage and be fed heals by your support members.

Failure to Finish Off a Kill

Not finishing off a kill is an easy trap to fall into, especially when you use Widowmaker, Soldier, and other longer-ranged DPS heroes. Of course, you prefer to secure a fight and finish off kills after spending a great deal of effort and time.

Perhaps, defeating a weak enemy is no big deal on your part. But don’t underestimate these characters as they can make a big impact over time. End their life as early as now.

Failure to Maximize the Benefit of Ultimate Combos

Of course, it depends on the circumstance. Most DPS characters have some powerful ultimates. But it’s vital to determine the other Ultimates in your team comp.

Genji and Hanzo’s Ultimates can defeat a chunk of the team, especially when paired with Zarya’s Graviton Surge. Soldier 76, on the contrary, can deal some damage—level up the impact with Ana’s Nano Boost. Also, try other combos to become an effective wrecking machine.

Many Careless Deaths

What’s the general rule when playing Overwatch? Overwatch community encourages players not to die. But we’re only human, and mistakes are inevitable. This means your player will die during a tough match. As a DPS hero, try to minimize the risk.

Ineffective Usage of Ultimate

When facing a strong opponent, it’s tempting to bust out your hero’s Ultimate. If it benefits your teammates, go for it. If not, try another game plan. Then, communicate with the other team members for possible and immediate action.

Unable to Maximize your Environment

The awareness about your environment is critical. Whether you’re scrambling to a health pack or attempting to flee from powerful attackers, you prefer to be in control of the map.

Your knowledge about the surroundings allows you to take advantage of map features. You will also pinpoint the areas to climb with your DPS hero.

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