Meet Doomfist: An Offensive Hero Every Player Should Know

For avid overwatch players, an offensive hero turns the game towards their favour. Well, it’s true if you’re selected heroes in battle is Doomfist. He’s one of the frontline heroes that you should have on the field. His brave persona tells the enemy that they’re in for a big fight.  Doomfist is big and strong that makes him a dangerous fighter in battle.

He is a master tactician that also has melee abilities you would like to see. It’s awesome if you have a fighter on the field like him.  Doomfist surely delivers a few moves that give you winning moves you like. His weapons are amazing that gives you an edge on the game.

Here are the following of his awesome weapons and abilities:

Hand Cannon

If you like to use overwatch boost, then you have made the right decision. Why?  Doomfist’s Head Cannon is an excellent choice for you to blast your enemy. The four shot weapon is good as it can make a single blast. You can make a direct attack, or you can surprise your enemies with it.

Rocket Punch 

You can make a secondary attack with the Rocket Punch.  Let your enemies feel your wrath as you give them a hard and devastating blow. If your enemy counters the attack, you can punch the enemy by doing double damage to him or her.  You make an impressive attack, and you’re sure that the winning edge would be yours.

Seismic Slam 

Do you want to deal additional damage to your opponents? Then, you can use the Seismic Slam to target your opponent and do the damage. You can target a great number of opponents and give them a beating of a lifetime.

Meteor Strike

Fans of overwatch boosting would be surprised by the Meteor Attack.  You can do massive damage to a large are when Doomfist uses this attack. You can do other series of attacks such as the Rising Uppercut and the Best Defense to bring your enemy down.  You can expect the game’s favour would be yours. 

With Doomfist’s amazing abilities, you don’t only have an edge on the game, but also you’re sure that using master overwatch is worth it. You can keep the winnings as you use Doomfist in every game. Thus, you make sure to include Doomfist in the next matches you have. With Doomfist, you would have satisfaction in every battle you’re part.  Come and select Doomfist as one of your heroes!

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