D.Va’s Teleportation: An Overwatch Bug or Feature?

The year 2020 had given an excellent start to Overwatch hero Symmetra. Why? It is because, aside from the fantastic teleportation ability, she will be getting a huge buff along with other heroes this season. For all the Symmetra main out there, expect for more these coming months.

Since we have mentioned about Symmetra’s teleportation, how many Overwatch heroes do you know that have the same ability? We can bet that there is none your main hero is just the sole hero that has it. However, there is another hero that was able to teleport – and that is D.va.

Is It A Bug Or An Upgrade?

D.Va is a tank hero, a MEKA pilot, and is also a bruiser hero. This hero’s mech is both nimble and powerful – it can even blast away twin cannons even at a short-range.  While everyone knows how she brought impact to the game, no one had ever thought that they would be discovering her newest ability – the teleportation. How did this happen?

A video clip is posted by a Reddit user that will prove that the teleportation happen. According to this user, a glitch will appear once the hero, D.Va, is forced outside of the mech. The footage also showed enemy Reinhardt knocked and even tried to pin D.Va using his charge attack. Reinhardt’s attack had caused enough damage to the mech that forced D.Va to go outside of it. Instead of getting literally out of her mech, D.Va warps away, as if she teleported herself away and appeared on the other side of the game map.

While most people would highly suggest that it is merely a bug, this seems to be more of accidental, and it would even be difficult to replicate it.  If you would be watching the video clip, you will see the weird situation that happened. There is also a possibility that the dev team have tried to put their magic on it o who knows they also made other “glitch” on other heroes. It is just waiting for the lucky player just like this one D.Va player to discover it.

What’s Next?

If you are quite curious if there are other glitches that you can find on your mains, well, it is up to you to discover. D.Va is not the only hero that has this “bug” or newfound ability, there is a probability that other heroes have it also, but players may have just unknowingly ignored it. So, whether it is a bug or an upgrade that you have been waiting for this particular hero, who knows, we can just all hope for a more awesome Overwatch game.

If you are curious about the newest updates with your favorite heroes or the on-going tournament, you can always count on Overwatch’s Patch Notes.  They say that if you want to be a pro in Overwatch gaming, you need to learn the latest upgrades that your hero is having. It is always better to get ahead or have that edge over other players. So, if you are aiming for an Esports career, things like this accidental “glitches” and others, you should always be updated.

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