A Guide on Pro Team Comp in Each Meta

Looking for a pro team comp in each meta in Overwatch? If yes, you came to the right place!

We have gathered the meta comps everyone should know. The given lineups are only examples as comps change and evolve over time.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Classic Death Ball - It is Difficult to Dislodge

The basis for different lineups in Overwatch? Don’t search further than the Classic Death Ball. Reinhardt-based comp, the Classic Death Ball, focuses on marching together in formations. Yes, it lacks in mobility. The comp, however, is hard to dislodge. It has fierce firepower, too.

Classic Dive - Common Comp You Shouldn’t Miss

Another basic comp is the Classic Dive. What makes it different from the other compositions? It swarms the enemies with unrivaled mobility and kills the other teams with focus fire. It consists of the Doomfist-Sombra Dive, Triple DPS Dive, and more.

Pick Comp - Make First Kills with Damage Threats

Some comps try to win the ult economy. The Pick Comp is different as it gets first kills with a variety of burst damage threats. It is often utilized on first point offense. The variants include Double Sniper.

El Presidente - A Death Ball Variant

Known as a death ball variant, El Presidente used available resources to protect Bastion and let the character dish out unmatched damage. The variants consist of Pirate Ship.

The 2-3-1 - Perfect for Point-Specific Tactics

The 2-3-1 is often utilized for point-specific tactics on different parts of maps. For example, using an extra 76 to setup crossfire on high ground. The Symmetra/Torbjorn is also used to snowball your first point defense.

Classic Anti-Dive - Disrupt the Execution of Many Dives

The earlier versions of the classic anti-dive comp were the death ball variants with a variety of knockbacks and stuns to deter or disrupt the execution of dives. Recent variants include the Doomfist-McCree comp and New Anti-Dive.

Mei-Reaper/Beyblade - A Triple-Tank Buster

Yes, the Beyblade/mei-repaer lacks in both mobility and range. The comp, however, serves as a triple-tank buster. Due to the abundance of ult combos and CC ults, Mei-Reaper/Beyblade has countering heroes, fantastic snowball potential, comparable survivability, and other incredible features.

The variants include The “GOATS”, The “EnVyUs”, etc.

“EnVyUs” Triple Tank - Jack of all Trades

Popular as a meta-specific comp, “EnVyUs” Triple Tank comes with a mix of sustained/burst damage, a powerful shield of pressure. That’s not all!

We also love the comp’s survivability and decent protection. It is also available with ult combos and some stun.

Phar-Mercy Dive - A High Survival Rate

In addition, the powerful combo, Phar-Mercy Dive, has great characters with tools and mobility to survive and succeed in every brawl. The combo can stall until the constant pressure creates a chance to capitalize.

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