Video Options Players Can Use to Level Up FPS in Overwatch

Video Options Players Can Use to Level Up FPS in Overwatch

Do you want to improve your gameplay and increase your FPS? Do not worry because there are video options that allow Overwatch players to experience a competitive gameplay.

Yes, there are many configuration files on the web that promise to boost a gamer’s FPS. But, do you know what to change in the controls?

Okay, the video option I would mention in the article can boost your FPS and lets you experience an awesome Overwatch gameplay experience.

Even if you are using a high-refresh-rate monitor, these video options are perfect to meet your desired FPD level.

The In-Game Settings

Players all want superb gaming experience when they are playing Overwatch. But, let us face it that only a few players experience excellent gameplay due to low FPS.

Things would be different if you change and adjust the in-game settings.


First, you launch Overwatch on your laptop or PC. Then, choose the Options you would see on the menu. Open the Video tab and follow these settings.

Fullscreen on Display Mode

Players will have a wise performance result if they select full screen on display. Well, yes, full screen is a common choice by most players.

But, there is more reason for that. The full-screen display lets you dive into the amazing graphics and controls of the game. Players experience superb performance level by using the full screen as their display. You can see all the things that are happening in the game with a full-screen display.

But a Borderless Window is an efficient choice if a player has a multi-monitor setup — Press Alt+Enter on the keyboard to switch from Fullscreen to Borderless Window.

Best Match on Display Monitor

Under Display Monitor, players can indicate the monitor that’s perfect for the game. You select the Best Match option that allows you to have exciting gaming experience.

Use Native Resolution

In Overwatch gaming, the resolution is essential so that you get an exciting view of the game. Most players stick to the native resolution due to the desired view it offers.

But, other players require performance boost, and the native resolution isn’t to fit for it.

Players decrease the resolution so that they see improvement in FPS. When it comes to performance and quality, a balanced resolution is a wise choice.

Aspect Ratio Depends on Your Display

Today, most of the PC monitors have 16:9 aspect ratios. You check the aspect ratio settings depending on the display on your monitor.

Turn on Reduce Buffering

Reduce Buffering focus on reducing input lag.


The pre-rendered frames are lowered to a small amount. It is best to turn this setting on when the FPS meet or exceed the maximum refresh rate of the monitor.

Here is an example, we recommend turning on Reduce Buffering when you often see 70+FPS in the game. But you turn the setting off when you are at 60FPS. It is best to turn the settings off or adjust other settings to increase FPS.

There you have it!  Feel free to execute these video options and see an increase in FPS when you play Overwatch. It is time to level up your gameplay!





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