Things You Didn’t Know About Wrecking Ball

What comes into your mind when you hear “wrecking ball?” Well, it depends on what is being talked about. Everyone will likely agree that they may be thinking of the female singer or the title of the song, but if it is about Overwatch, we are talking to one of their best heroes, Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball is a genius hamster named Hammond. He is also a tank character who controls gun-packed robot ball and has crazy mobility potential. Who would have thought that this hamster will fly around with a grappling hook during his gameplay? No wonder, here in Overwatch, Wrecking Ball, he is more than just a cute hamster in a ball. 

How much did you know about this hero? Let’s find out more below:

He Is One of the Earliest Concepts In Overwatch

This hero was initially based on a robot where his kit will revolve around magnets. With magnets, the hero was conceptualized to have an ability to pull in the enemy bullets. He could also either reflect the bullets at the enemy or tank them. Which part did a hamster fit into the hero picture? Well, it all happened when Arnold Tsang, an assistant art director, sent out a mailing list that has a picture of a hamster that pokes out of the ball. By the way, thanks to him, Wrecking Ball was created.

He Has A Grappling Hook to Navigate Across The Map

While this grappling hook serves as an important part of the kit, did you know that it was just a recent addition? With the grappling hook, Wrecking Ball can just easily fling across the map. With this, he has this awesome vertical mobility that matches with another hero, Pharah. Who knows what other capabilities this hero will get in the future?

The Death Animation Is One of the Saddest

Similar to the animation D. Va has, when defeated, Hammond pops out of the rolling ball. Unlike D.Va, Hammond is defenseless and ragdolls on the floor. For this cute hamster hero as Hammond, seeing that death animation is ready heartbreaking.  If you have a pet hamster, you will feel the sadness.

He Is A Controversial Hero. Wait. What?

While there is a massive reaction the first time that Wrecking Ball came out as a hero, in one point, he caused a division in the dev team. Half of the team adores this hero while the other half believes that he will just ruin the game. With this, Blizzard scheduled a meeting to be done after ten years to know whether he ruins the game.  We will wait for a couple more years to know what will happen with this hero.

Did you know that Wrecking Ball has a powerful ultimate ability? Yes, there is, and that is his Minefield. It is very powerful that if it is launched at a higher angle, it will cause bigger, widespread damage. Who says this hero will ruin the game? For more updates with this hero, you may want to check out the latest Overwatch patches and other updates.

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