Overwatch’s Inspired Great Locations in Real World

Overwatch is one of the great games, not just because of its characters and the outfit. It is also because of the amazing features of the location it brings. Those creative locations added spice on every match that players wanted to play for.

1. Eichenwalde (Hechingen, Germany)

Some of the views that can be seen in Hechingen can also be seen in Eichenwalde. The Stuttgart’s real-life city can be seen when being escorted through Eichenwalde’s colossal battery ram. Most players would think that there is no much resemblance between these two but there is. Somehow the architecture is something that can reminisce that creative design of Overwatch’s artist. They created this just like in a real-life like the Hohenzollern Castle.

2. Oasis (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Before, the Oasis have an Iraq set. Today, it is much close to the look of Masdar City and Dubai. The Palm in the Atlantis makes players left to think and see Oasis. Gratefully, no one wants to battle in this beautiful resort.

3. Ilios (Santorini, Greece)

In the Southern Aegean Sea is where the Santorini’s island is located. It can be easily recognized because of the blue rooftops and whitewash walls. The Ilios map in Overwatch is not just the time that the Santorini leads the way on a multiplayer shooter. But it is also the defuse map for bombs in the Counter-Strike: Global Defensive.

4. Temple of Anubis (Tunis, Tunisia)

Egypt is truly the clearest point where the design of the Temple of Anubis was inspired. Players will surely get struck off the detailed design that creates similarities in real life.

5. Lijiang Tower (Chongqing, China)

Although there exists an actual city called Lijiang, in the Overwatch, the metropolis has closely resembled the Chongqing. The Lijiang Tower is run by the money of Chongqing World Financial     Center, with more than one thousand one hundred feet with 79 staggering floors.

6. Hanamura (Byodo-in, Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan)

A million years ago, Byodo-in’s Buddhist temple was constructed. It comes with a great National Treasure called the Phoenix Hall. Most players want to visit this location because of Overwatch yet the Kyoto Prefecture costs a lot of money. But there is a replica in the O’ahu, Hawaii, but it’s just a half resemblance.

7. Dorado (Manarola, Italy)

Many artist or designers of Overwatch is helping together to achieve more satisfying graphics for the players. While they are discovering a more visual inspiration for the Mexican map, they found this location. This is a perfect one, for it overflows on color and an amazing view of the ocean. These artists do not realize that they are putting a city from different continents on one piece.

8. King’s Row (King’s Parade, Cambridge, UK)

By just glaring deeply on the Hollywood Map on Overwatch, it is pronounced, and it doesn’t need to tell at all where it was inspired. The amazing King’s Parade can be found in Cambridge suit to the Overwatch’s King’s Row.

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