Game Awards 2018

As we look forward to more successes of Overwatch League this 2019, let us also look back at the achievements it attained last year. The journey of this e-sport is worth remembering, and one of them is winning the Game Awards 2018. It has been a fierce competition between popular gaming platforms including League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But in the end, the Overwatch League had dominated the world of gaming.


With this fact in mind, what are the critical differences of Overwatch among other games that made it to the top? Will the Overwatch League win the next Game Awards? We recently received the news that Blizzard made some improvements such as adding a new set of teams and skins. These updates may affect the preference of many avid fans, but the year is still long enough for them to maintain their spot. Whether they are going to achieve a back to back award or not, most of us still believe that they’ve got what it takes to be in that position.


The journey of Overwatch for achieving the award has never been easy. They need to compete with the popular gaming platforms that already made their names before this League existed. However, its distinctive qualities set it apart among the crowd, allowing the fans to be drawn over by the kind of gaming experience it provides.


The awarding body considered many aspects before they handed over the award to the winning e-sport. They look into the community support, content updates, and tournaments to determine the gaming site that deserves the recognition. Based on these areas, it was then concluded that the Overwatch had delivered the best overall e-sports experience to its players, regardless of genre or platform. 


Aside from the significant award they received, Overwatch was also nominated for other categories such as Best Esports Event for the Overwatch League Grand Finals. It was during that time when the London Spitfire won the first champions of the league.


Overwatch strives to gain success in the esports industry. And now that it is ready to open its second season, we are expecting for another successful year to come. The North America-based league has already prepared its list of competing franchises comprised of big cities from around the world. And due to the recent exciting developments it made, we won’t be surprised when Overwatch can achieve the top spot again!

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