Excited for the Overwatch Season 14?

We're so excited to share that Season 14 of Competitive Play is now available. Just like the past seasons offered last year, you may also want to learn the strategies to enhance or develop your skills in this gameplay. Before you get started, keep in mind that you should unlock the level 25 for you to gain the opportunity to explore its enticing adventures. When compared to the previous games like Arcade Modes and Quick Play, this one has more challenging tests that will put you in a more premier experience.


Getting started is as easy as steps one, two three:


  1. Click the play button.


  1. Hover over the submenu and choose Competitive Play.


  1. Enter the match by selecting to join a group, or you may also play on your own. You may also let the Overwatch Matchmaking System choose the best game suitable for your skill level.


This game sounds fun, but one of its most challenging parts is you must first complete the ten placement matches so that you’ll gain the initial skill rating ranging between 1 to 5000. Take note that the higher the score, the greater is also the skill level. The rating assigned to players will also be determined by tier level in this order: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, or Grandmaster.


Depending on the win or lose you’ll gain every match, your rating will increase or decrease as well. You can visualize the tier, skill rating, and icons by clicking to the “Information” button found under the Competitive Play menu.


Of course, the game won’t be fun and enticing without gaining some rewards. Whenever you complete the placement matches at a particular season will obtain a special spray and player icon. As an example, when you earn a spot within the Top 500 players on a specific platform or within your region, you will receive an extra player icon and animates spray at the end of the season.


In addition to these enticing rewards, completing the competitive matches will also allow you to earn a currency which is called Competitive Points. You can collect these earnings as you increase your performance and use them to spend on golden versions of hero’s weapons that might interest you. With these simple yet challenging rules in mind, the Overwatch Season 14 is something that would bring your adventure to the next level!

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