Changes to Overwatch League in 2019 Season

If you are an Overwatch fanatic, you will surely be blown away with these fresh updates about the happenings this 2019 Season! This e-sport league announced recently that another eight teams would surprise the players. These new additions to the Atlantic Division comprise of Atlanta, Toronto, Paris, and Washington, D.C. On the other hand, the new teams will be added to the Pacific Division which includes Hangzhou and Chengdu, China and Vancouver.


This rule also means that there will also be six new investors to own the teams. From the new teams, 20 of them will come outside the United States. One of the goals of these new changes is to promote the league globally. It will help expand the reach of e-sports which has already been practiced in China. Organizers believed that this promotion would succeed as seen during the inaugural season when it was able to earn about 11 million global viewers at the Barclays Center.


According to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, Overwatch League fanatics were already spending about 160 million hours viewing the players from all over the world as they compete. It won’t be surprising that these new changes will also bring success to this e-sport most especially that there are another eight teams added on this prestigious gameplay. Aside from the new fun and excitement it offers, more countries will also get the opportunity to enjoy the viewership.


It is going to be an exciting day on the 14th of February because the season 2019 will kick off. For five weeks, each team should play 28 games comprising of over four stages. There will be seven matches where the teams need to play zero to two matches every week. This new set-up will give them flexible breaks after each match. On the other hand, there will also be more extended downtime after the completion of each stage.


In this season, there will be stage finals after the completion of stages one through three while the playoffs happen after stage four. Despite these changes, there are still rules last year that will remain. The divisional champions will be gathered to compete with the four seeded teams on the final bout. The difference in this season is that the remaining teams will have an opportunity to battle in a win-or-go-home bracket. The top two teams who win in this competition will then proceed to the playoffs round.

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