Zenyatta: Things You Don’t Know Yet

Overwatch heroes come with an interesting, distinct, rich, and unique backstory. Zenyatta is a good example. A robotic Buddhist-inspired healer, Zen represents a sort of harmonious core among the conflicts, turbulence, and violence in Overwatch. Zen has a tale that’s tragic and inspirational. His wit and cleverness keep his spirits lifted.

Zen plays the role of a support hero or unifier. He also comes with well-crafted and cool design elements that draw from philosophical and religious mythology. What else?

Here are the other things you don’t know yet about Zen:

A Representation of Omnic Peace

It would be ironic that the main antagonists would be represented by Zen, one of the most subdued and peaceful heroes. Zen had been a part of the Shambali, an order of omnics with a goal to harbor peace between the Omnic races and humans.

Tekhartha Mondatta, Zen’s mentor, led the group. He was known for his ideals of spiritual equality between rival factions. Zen forged his own path and believed in social connections and a more hands-on approach. Zen becomes a rare representation of Omnic harmony and peace after Mondatta was assassinated.

References to Both Buddhist and Hindu Philosophy

It is easy to find whether or not Zen has Buddhist references because his appearance and themes are Buddhist Monk inspired. Apart from the appearance, Zen’s Transcendence and Ultimate is also a reference to the belief of Nirvana. That’s not all!

His voice lines are nods to the philosophical bits of Buddhism. His skins provide nods to Islamic and Hindu mythology as well.

He Changes Others’ Path

As the Buddhist who channels different powers, Zen holds an aura that only a few Overwatch characters possess. His spiritual enlightenment has allowed him to gain greater wisdom, acquire power, and affect other characters in his presence.

Many Overwatch heroes who cross paths with Zen have gained a shred of wisdom. So, the mysterious Monk is indeed a spiritual, mental, and physical healer.

A Favorite of the Game’s Lead Designer

Aside from being the players’ favorite in the past years, Zen has become one of the Overwatch lead designer’s favorite heroes, too. Blizzard’s writer and former senior VP of design stated that Zen was one of his most preferred heroes. Zen is indeed an interesting and rich character. Plus, it is fun to play.

The Quietest Overwatch Hero

What makes Zen as the quietest hero in the game? Is it his Monk-like silence? No! It’s his quiet movement. As the only floating character, Zen is a fighter that produces no audible footsteps every time he moves. Although he’s not the most mobile hero, Zen’s silent hovering can give you an advantage.

Skilled in Martial Arts

Zen’s sport of choice is Taekwondo. So, he uses his feet to strike most of the time. His wardrobe also resembles the type of clothing worn in the Korean variant of martial arts.

So, what’s your thought? Give Zen a shot and see the difference along the way!

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