Zarya: An Exceptional Overwatch Hero

Zarya: An Exceptional Overwatch Hero

Being one of the most acquired and recommended online games that reached the global scope, Overwatch provides a lot of great and exceptional things not only in its features or gameplay but also the heroes. These heroes are considered as the backbone of the game, giving it much more effective and impact on the players and game enthusiasts. The heroes also provide the players with a satisfying and unforgettable experience that will make them enjoy the game much better. But, amongst the exceptional Overwatch heroes, there is one which standout on its own. This hero is Zarya. Given this, here are the top heroes in Overwatch that must be given a shot.

Get to Know with Zarya

Zarya is one of the most exceptional and most valued heroes provided by the successful online game- Overwatch. This hero had been part of lots of victories and legacies dated in the previous gameplays, tournaments, and competitions. This hero is a must-try for it provides high-quality gaming and exceptional experience.

Primary: Particle Cannon

Particle cannon refer to the constant beam of energy, which is law damage, with medium range yet still a good option.

Secondary: Particle Grenade

Particle grenade is the long-range energy arcing ball that explodes and creates a disorienting impact. This is perfect to use in dealing with a large pool of enemies that have surrounded the hero.

Shift: Particle Barrier

When Zarya is used, a barrier or shield is used that surrounds the hero and absorbs an average amount of damage before any dissipating instances. It absorbs every inch of the damage which powers the main weapon and makes it function.

E Ability: Projected Barrier

Here, the weapon is being used and targets the ally accurately. This provides a better observance and chance to take over the enemies.

Ultimate: Graviton Surge

Graviton Surge is a kind of grenade that has enough power and strength to disorient or kill the opposing team. This grenade is suitable to be used in bombing a large group of enemies for it is proven effective and tested.

Passive: Energy

Here, the grenade and particle cannon are powered whenever any damage is absorbed in the battlefield. It drains over time and needs time approximately out at 100.

Zarya is a great hero to be used in playing Overwatch. She has the abilities and capabilities not only to provide the players with a good fight but also to support the team. This hero also soaks the damage with half HP from herself that regenerates the shields and takes serious punishment once she is already full or charged. Zarya’s ultimate beam is not an all-star yet punishments are lethal when it comes to the grenades. Whenever the timing is aligned correctly, Zarya’s ultimate can be powerful. Also, it is effective and excellent for experts. The barriers may last for a short period only, yet it still provides the players with a better chance to plan, think, and execute about the next steps to be taken towards achieving victory.  

Good Against:


Soldier 76


Bad Against:




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