Your Guide to Your Hero’s Health Points

When you play Overwatch, it is essential to know your progress and stats in the game. It will help you find better strategies to improve your performance, or your effort is enough to maintain what you already have. It is crucial to watch over your health point since it determines whether you have enough health to sustain the attack made by your enemies. It also an indicator if a shot hit you or you are nearly getting damaged.


The status of health can change due to the effect of weapons used by your enemy. However, some instances can also give you the opportunity to heal and retake action. Your health on the game is determined by white bars that are broken into 25-point increments. Every time that your hero’s health drops below 75, it will make them gasp in pain. Furthermore, there is a blood-smearing red outline shown around the screen of the game to indicate the status of your hero. You will also notice distorting sounds as he expresses a pained breath.


When the health is fully depleted, that means that it is time for your hero to be eliminated and have to wait until the next respawn for it to battle again. On the other hand, when the health of your hero increases over 75, they can show signs of relief.


In the HUD, the health status is located in the lower-left corner beside the hero’s profile. Aside from this item, you may also see other types of health shown in colored bars: yellow bars indicate the armor and blue bars stand for shields. Take note that in these three different bars, shields will be depleted first when damage is taken. But it will restore at 25 per second whenever your hero has no damage taken for three seconds.


Armor, on the other hand, will be depleted first before health but after shields when damage is taken. It is capable of blocking five damages from every hit that can handle ten damages. An individual projectile that can deal less than ten damages is very useful against shotguns, fire weapons, and other rapid and powerful equipment.


There you go, your hero’s health points discussed! Equip yourself with these ideas so you can prepare yourself before the enemy tries to hit you. Beware of the indicators of low health and make sure to create better strategies before your hero is wholly depleted!

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