Who Is The Best Healer in Overwatch Game

Overwatch is one of the best MMORPG video game today. A lot of people from all over the world play this game due to amazing excitement and fun it offers. But, many concerns arise when playing this game like choosing the best character and choosing who the best hero with remarkable healing capability is.

Here are some of the best healers in Overwatch Game that you must consider:

Mercy has the most healing power which can restore dead teammates which are nearby. But, she can just heal one teammate at a time and need to stay close in which makes it relatively easy to destroy her.

Lucio has cured the whole them all at once. However, healing is relatively low unless he makes use of his ability to power up. Also if the whole team needs healing, it only means that they’re all grouped so an opponent Mei or Zarya can obtain ultimate off easily. Like Mercy, Lucio needs to be close to his team to be able to heal them at once.

Zenyatta also can heal. However, it's relatively lost on his orb of harmony. With Zenyatta ultimate, he can save the whole team easily from ults of opponents. However, his ultimate takes time to charge, so he ends up with the issue of just healing one teammate. Honestly speaking, Zenyatta is more of an offensive hero than a healer. Basically, he will stay close to his teammates which will let him be picked off; however, you can play Zenyatta while keeping far back.

Another good healer in Overwatch game is Ana. However is easy to be out of her range. If there is another teammate or opponent between you and Ana, the bullet will be barren.  The best thing about her is that she can heal fast her teammates opposed to others, so she is not always in the mid of the fight.

All in all, the four healers mentioned above are really an exception in their own ways. It all depends on who else is on your team, who the enemies have in their team, what side you’re on as well as what map you’re on. Though Mercy is likely to be the most versatile healer, Lucio, on the other hand, is good on offense. Ana is exceptional in defense, and Zenyatta role is a secondary healer. However, it really depends on the match.

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