What is Fight Momentum of Overwatch

What is Fight Momentum of Overwatch?

When you play the game of Overwatch League, you are required to accumulate different types of strategic elements. This will help you to achieve the best spot for statistics in the entire game. Fight momentum is one of the concepts of Overwatch League that will require your full attention to understand it. Even though fight momentum is the significant portion of the said game, it is still considered as an uncovered idea. And most of the players of the said game are doing their best to discover and understand what fight momentum really is and how can it contribute to the entire performance of playing.

In the game, Overwatch, the fight momentum is the concept that has advanced content. It is the concept that will enable you, as the players and the analysts to determine the strategical approached utilized by every matches and team, which plays an essential part of the entire game. In shorter terms, the fight momentum will help both of you and the analysts to distinguish which one, out of two teams, has the ideal position that can have the higher advantages of the game.

Whether you are included in the team, that has the best position mechanically or strategically. Your opponent team will take advantage of you when you are at the wrong strategic position. And to prevent making this mistake, you and your groupmates need to prevent doing that situation. Most situations, many players of Overwatch are doing it as a sacrifice for a major outcome.

Think of yourself that you are inside a real battle. You are in need to utilize the Hanzo’s Dragonstrike to desire of your opponents to lose their position to avoid or control the future damages that might happen. On the other hand, if your opponent will not lose his position, he can also release the Lucio’s Sound Barrier for them to avoid your future hits. Keep in mind that the “support ultimate” must be availed before your opposing teams utilize it first. It is also vital for you to keep in mind that there also several ways for you to use the advantages of fight momentum. Your opponents can also grab the opportunity to use the Projected Barrier of Zarya or use the forward pressure positioning to prevent having future hits or attacks.

The concept of fight momentum is present in different historical fights that happened in the game, including the match between Los Angeles Valiant’s King Row and Shanghai Dragons. The Los Angeles Valiant’s King Row use the Brady Agilities Girardi’s Dragonstrike and the Indy Space Halpern’s Self-Destruct to push their skills to reach the finish line. And because of the move, it forces the Shanghai Dragons to lose their current position. The two ultimates were not utilized during that period as their chances to create damage was too low. This movement enables the Valiant to be declared as the winner. On the other hand, the Dragons don’t have any choice rather than to retreat.


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