Tracer: The First Character Made for Overwatch

Lena Oxton popularly known as Tracer is a fantastic player character that appears in Overwatch game in 2018- a first-person shooter made by Blizzard Entertainment – and associated animations as well as literary media. Lena was first witnessed in the Overwatch Cinematic Trailer in 2014. Later on, she was presented as a playable character in a 2016 update for crossover multiplayer online fight arena game Heroes of the Storm.

Lena Oxton is a British origin and has been noted by many video game outlets to be energetic and lively. In the Overwatch game, he has low health, however, is extremely mobile and her abilities include time travel and teleportation. Those skills were caused by a catastrophe which left her not able to sustain a physical form in the present until Winston invented the accelerator called chronal, this is a tool which allows Tracer to control her own time frame.

She is one of the most distinguished characters in Overwatch game. Tracer is highly featured in the official media of the game, which include promotional works and the cover art of the Overwatch. Tracer also appears in fan art. She became more widely-popular after media attention to controversies online surrounding one of her in-game triumph poses as well as her fame in fan-produced pornography, which the developer of the game has tried to get rid of.

Tracer also appeared on the animated media of Overwatch and a digital comic series that is based on the Overwatch game. In her debut in the world of comic, Tracer revealed is true gender, a representation which was positively received by players as well as media outlets.

She was one of the 1st twelve characters in Overwatch presented in 2014 at Blizz Convention. Her style is based upon a factor from the canceled project of Blizzard, Titan. Jeff Kaplan game director of Overwatch said that Titan integrated a class character named Jumper that made into Tracer due to overwatch concentrates on making individual characters rather than generic classes. Jumper class was portrayed as male in many concept artworks and its version of the player. Jumper was armed with the recall and blinks talents and dual wielding machine pistols and Pulse Bomb. Tracer’s pistol designs were influenced by G18 pistols which are featured in Modern Warfare 2.

Her design was influenced by Geoff Goodman, and she is lead hero stylish for Overwatch. Tracer was the first hero created for the Overwatch game and was utilized to try the basic Overwatch gameplay.

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