Top 5 Overwatch Characters Players Should Know

Overwatch players not only rely on their skills to win. They also rely on the characters they choose to achieve victory. Each character has his or her abilities and skills, so it’s not easy to select the character you like. Yes, you have different playing styles, so you need to choose the character that applies to your style.

You don’t pick a character base on his or her features. You should consider the skills and ability of each hero to help you win any battle. So, what are the top characters you need to select in your overwatch boost?


Every player love Bastion due to his ability and a good heart. He can transform into a tank that makes up a good defense. When it comes to power, he surely delivers a fast response to you by leading your team to ultimate victory.


No doubt Doomfist is one of the best damage dealers in the game. You can expect offensive overwatch is boosting when his on the field. Players can rely on his rocket punch that breaks the enemy lines and offers you possible victory


Let the sniper’s advantage take over on your team as you use Widowmaker’s ability to shoot enemy’s lane. Her Widow’s Kiss is a good example of destroying large enemies in a few minutes. You can level up your offense with Widowmaker. She’s a big help for you to win more battles.


When you talk about heavy damage, you count on to give that to your enemies. She’s a tank you can rely on when it comes to the offensive mode. The short cannon she has is one of the best weapons you can count on the field.  For sure, the success would be yours if you have her on the field.


Players who play overwatch boost can rely on Pharah to be an offensive hero. She has tanks and missiles that make impressive attacks against the enemy. Don’t worry if you’re in a tight spot in the battle; she can give you the winning advantage. But, before that, you need to take select the right heroes first.

Are you ready to engage in excellent gameplay you wouldn’t forget? You select these characters now and give your enemy’s a surprise! You would truly enjoy the advantage each of these five heroes offers you. The overwatch boosting experience you would have would be awesome. So, select these characters now and become the ultimate player!

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