Tips in Using Sombra in a Gameplay

Sombra is the 23rd hero of the Overwatch and is the most confusing and complex one. But there have been a series of changes making Sombra better to play.  Her combination of offense, low health, disruption, map presence, and severe damage makes it be the best scout and infiltrator. Sombra’s stealth is now unlimited and that allowing its player to analyze the battlefield carefully.

Sombra’s primary weapon is the Machine Pistol that has rapid-fire and type of weapon that has a high-ammo. It can easily cut the health quickly. Its secondary weapon is the Hack. It is used by locking onto its enemy, and in a little time, it will disable their abilities and eliminate it. Sombra also has the so-called capacity translocator. This translocator ability creates a teleport beacon so that you will have the ability to transfer or returned in any place on the map.

Sombra also has a shift called the Thermotic Camo. Through this, it makes Sombra invisible and can boost her speed movement by about 50 %.  Offensive actions will decloak even the damages that have been taken. The ultimate weapon of Sombra is the EMP that can hack and destroys the shields of the opponents. It can also destroy the barriers of the heroes.

Sombra is great to play against Reinhardt. By simply disabling its shield from its behind, can be likely to lead the fast death of Reinhardt. And for that, it will also turn into a big impact for its team. Next is Lucio; the battle between the two can be an ultimate one. It will only be a matter of perfect timing to the two wins and be the strongest one. Another hero is Torbjorn. Sombra is the only hero that can deal with the turret of Torbjorn without destroying it but can create decent damage.

Even Sombra is not exempted from the reality that everything is not perfect. Even this hero also lacks in some parts. And it is not ideal for letting Sombra against these following heroes. The first one is Reaper, the only thing that Sombra can do against Reaper is to do teleporting to make a distance with it.  The second one is Winston, Sombra doesn’t have the ability that Winston does like combating. And her only way is to shoot Winston in head that would be hard to do so. And the next is D.Va, because of the added charge, D.Va had the easy way of catching Sombra. Sombra can’t escape easily anymore.

The ultimate extreme power that Sombra has can now easily counter, Lucio, Zarya, and others. However, for you to be able to use and or defeat others, you need an extreme practice. You need to master all the potential strategies for you to be able to let Sombra win in the gameplay.

Sombra is also the same as the other heroes that have different ways to play, so you need to have a put an extra effort to learn it.

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