The Story of Asmongold

Who is Asmongold? Asmongold, aka Zack, is a top World of War (WoW) streamer and online content creator.  He started by posting videos on his two YouTube channels but has since switched to Twitch. He is popular on Twitch with over 19,000 subscribers with a viewership of over 29,000 people. 


Asmongold is a down to earth, Texan man who still enjoys the simple things in life despite raking in thousands of dollars a month as the Neckbeard Streamer. He grew up as an only child and enjoyed playing video games and making videos. He came up with the name Asmongold when he was eight years old while playing a game with some friends.


Zack started playing World of Warcraft in his teens after a computer class student sold him the game. He did not start playing the game immediately. It was only when a friend saw it on his bookshelf and encouraged him to play it that he tried World of War in the summer of 2006.  Asmongold’s favorite World of War class is Warrior. He started playing a Warrior in his teens.  


He started off creating videos for fun but later decided to start streaming in 2016. He did not find the transition to live streaming as difficult as other content creators. He gives very practical advice for those who want to go into content making and streaming. Asmongold changed his approach when he transitioned from making YouTube videos to live streaming on Twitch. He realized that Twitch as a platform came with its own set of requirements, type of audience, and expectations, and he adapted accordingly.


 Asmongold enjoys entertaining people as he creates his video content. He likes to think through his streams and get into character to keep his streams educational vibrant, and interesting. He runs through mental notes to ensure he is keeping his audience engaged. It is no wonder he has gained such a following.


According to Asmongold, he did not start off thinking about attracting a big audience with his videos, and even after all his success, it's not something he dwells on. His main focus is organizing content for his stream, enjoying what he is doing, and connecting with his audience.


It's surprising how, despite generating so much success, Zack remains grounded in his personality. Looking back on Asmongold’s story, the various experiences and people he came across in life, right from childhood, all contributed to his success as a World of War Streamer and content creator. He has always been passionate about the game and making videos. These two childhood interests are now the major contributors to Zack's success, apart from his creativity and personality.


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