The Most Played Overwatch Heroes

The multiplayer first person shooter Overwatch has become a bit of a sensation with the gaming industry since it launched back in 2016. With its wide cast of heroes, roles, maps, and objectives, it has become the go to game for competitive and casual gamers alike looking for something to get their blood pumping.


With a massive roster of heroes, it’s only fitting that someone would ask which hero is played the most by the large Overwatch community. We have the answer, and here are the most played Overwatch heroes, as well as why they are so well liked.




A fierce Mech suited warrior, D.VA, and her mech Tokki are no laughing matter while on the field of battle. She’s a very good all around fighter, with short range fusion cannons and a variety of melee effects that can smash both enemies and obstacles. She’s got several unique abilities, with the ability to blast missiles from the air, self destruct the mech, and even fight on her own with a blaster.


It’s her high health and DPS that allows her to stand toe to toe with some of Overwatch’s other heroes and hold her own whenever the team needs her.




Any competitive shooter team can tell you that you need a healer, and your highest priority is to keep them alive! She’s popular not for her damage output or health, but for the unique way she heals her allies. She can fire beams that heal her allies or increase their damage output, can fly across the battlefield to provide support, and can even resurrect fallen friends to bring them back into the fight.


Coupled with how easy she is to play, Mercy is one of the most popular characters for a reason, and she’s a staple on nearly every single team.




This DJ turned freedom fighter uses sound and music to support his allies and debuff his enemies. The powerful shockwaves he emits gives him a good degree of control over the battlefield, and his songs provide a limited boost to his friends’ movement speed and health regeneration.


He can even provide everyone with personal shields, but perhaps the real reason the players keep coming back to him is his endearing backstory. He was just someone who was trying to do what was right to protect his home and used his love of music and the tech of his enemies to do it.

Which Hero Are You?


Whether you’ve mastered the meta of the current top level heroes or like to battle it out with underdogs that wouldn’t make any top ten list, Overwatch is a fun game that tends to bring everyone together as they play. Each hero is unique enough in their strategies and abilities to connect with a certain type of player and learning to master that hero and all they can do is part of the fun of the game.


Take a look at Overwatch and see which hero you connect with!

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