The Most Overpowered Hero in Overwatch

Overwatch is a competitive, character-driven first-person shooter developed by Blizzard.


Now, to anyone familiar with the phrases competitive, character-driven, and Blizzard, know that the three are a recipe for balance disaster. 


Since the game's launch, there has been a never-ending torrent of player outcry over the various levels of character unfairness that have prevailed through patches.


At first, it was the nature-loving, lead spewing Bastion. This chirpy robot launched as an overpowered camper's delight and turned many would-be players off the new product. 


This should have served as a highlight, and lesson to Blizzard. In a game this centered around its competitive nature, you need to get the balance right, but as you probably already know, that is not a lesson that the developers heeded all too well.


It is worth bearing in mind that as new heroes get introduced, the meta changes, previously god-tier characters become obsolete, and trash-bin characters suddenly find themselves capable of challenging Zeus himself.


Orisa – The Current Best Hero in Overwatch


Orisa is the 24th hero to be introduced to the world of Overwatch. She lacks in the mobility department, but she more than makes up for it in her ability to provide a ludicrously powerful, and annoying, front line.


She is one of the highest tiered heroes as of writing this list, and the highest-rated tank, but that's not to say that she is easy to play. Her character is complex and nuanced and can require a lot of practice to master fully. 


Her left mouse button ability is her Fusion Driver. This is your standard automatic ranged attack, however it slows Orisa while in use, so make sure you time it correctly.


Her right mouse button is assigned to Halt! This ability causes Orisa to shoot a graviton charge at her enemies. It is a two-click activated ability, with one press firing, and the next detonating. The charge pulls enemies in towards it and slows them upon detonation. 


This ability is ridiculously powerful and versatile. You can use it to group enemies together for an ultimate, focus fire, or even use it to throw the enemy team over a ledge. 


Your left shift is called Fortify. This ability reduced incoming damage and cannot be stopped. It's a simple ability, yet very powerful, and can often be the difference during critical moments of a firefight.


E is assigned to Protective Barrier. This is a shield that functions similarly to Winston, except here you throw out a device, and the shield is projected from it. It's a tremendous anti push and tempo tool to have in your team's arsenal.


Your Q ability is called Supercharger. With this, you send out a device that increased damage dealt by your teammates. If any of you have ever played a MOBA, then you know how powerful this can be. Used correctly and with the right timing, it can be the difference between victory and defeat.


While Orisa is a fantastic hero on paper, in practice, she is even better. Sporting an unusually powerful and versatile loadout, you owe it to yourself to play this gem of a character.

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