The Good and Bad Things About Overwatch

Currently, there are more than or less than seven million individuals who are playing Overwatch. The said game is a fast-paced and fun video game between the craziest and coolest characters and heroes. In connection with that, it also gained popularity among players regardless of age.

So, if you are asking about the pros and cons of playing Overwatch, then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to provide you with the good and bad things that you will notice while playing the said game. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading.


The Style – One of the best things that you will surely love about Overwatch is that it comes up with a well-designed location and character. You can play the game on the rural shrines and urban cityscapes. In connection with that, you will also be provided with the bright colors of the realistic buildings and other architecture. Aside from that, the heroes it offers are also colored with bright shades. Aside from that, they were also from different species and races. Not only that, but each hero will also provide you with unique abilities and skills that will help you to win the battle.

It is More than Just Shooting – For the past few years, the shooting-based games are not that popular. But, when it comes to the Overwatch, you will realize that this game is not just all about the shooting. The said game will provide you with a flexible gaming experience all the time. This can be done by allowing you to move your heroes.


Skill-Based Matchmaking – The players present in the Overwatch provides you with their skills and abilities that will keep them in the database of the system. In connection with that, the data will be used in connecting them with their enemies that feature the performances that they also have. This only means that the players with great capabilities will also be paired with opponents that have similar abilities as them. You might consider this as a fun and equal way of competing with the other teams. But this is a disadvantage for you, especially if you are using the best player in the battle.

Since they are great, they will always be matched with the great heroes as well. As a result, you will have an extremely competitive nightmare in the game. This means that you will not have enough time to get relaxed in the game.

Bastion – Heroes in the game are not designed to be better than the others. They have different skills and abilities but on equal levels. Bastion is a robot that is a movable turret that produces continuous fire, which might be impossible for you to get the way of killing it. He is considered as the monster of the game. Your task here is to look for ways that can possibly end the life of this bastard monster.

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