The Best Torbjorn players

Torbjorn is not a very popular competitive Overwatch hero. With a pick rate of only 0.5%, it’s no wonder we don’t see a lot of him in the pro league.


That being said, just because the pros aren’t playing him doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be.


There are plenty of online tutorials and guides on what makes a good Torbjorn player for those eager enough to seek them out,


Here we are going to try and condense that information for you would-be Torbjorn mains out there and show you just what it takes to be the best Torbjorn player.


Some General Tips to Take On-board


  • There is no damage fall off on your rivet gun. What this ultimately means is that you can kill a widowmaker in two shots if you hit a body shot and headshot with your primary fire. So make sure you are practicing your aim with Torbjorn. It’s essential with any hero, but here especially.


  • Your rivet gun’s secondary fire is a shotgun. Think Reaper but slower. It, too, has excellent headshot potential. So don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with the enemy. Your hitbox is small, so you have an advantage in many short-range gunfights.


  • Your turret is your primary damage source, so naturally, you need it up as much as possible. Position it in a way that forces the enemy team to specifically target it, opening up possibilities for your teammates, and repair it as much as you can.


  • You can use your overload ability in front of your turret to block incoming damage if needed and be sure to reposition your turret after every team fight for maximum effectiveness.


  • Overload is perhaps your best ability, so use it well. It can help you reach fights sooner, allow you to melt through tanks with your shotgun fire mode, and even save you from death with the shield boost it offers.


Specific Tips


  • Molten Core is a great entry denial tool. You need to think of it not as a way to get kills but as a way to slow down the enemy push. Use it when your team begins to get pressured on the objective.


  • Stay defensive, Torbjorn is not a good attacker, so don’t use him like one.


  • Don’t waste your turret. It’s your primary source of damage and can be a real thorn in the side of your opponents, so use it wisely.


  • While using Molten Core, you are locked out of your other abilities, so make sure your turret is set up before you activate it.


  • When facing yellow health enemies, deplete their health bar with your primary fire, before switching to secondary to finish them off.


As mentioned, Torbjorn is not a popular competitive character. However, if you have the right skill set and dedication, you can certainly make him work on defense. Just make sure you don’t get overzealous. Stick to what he’s good at, and you should be okay.


That being said, if you’re here trying to decide on a hero to main, you are probably better off trying out some other options before Torbjorn.

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