The Best Players in Overwatch

Blizzard’s masterwork character-driven first-person shooter flew out the gates at 100 miles per hour. 


Its unique and fun gunplay combined with its quirky, individualistic and original character design lead to one of the highest-rated FPS Esports titles to be released in a very long time.


With this fun and exciting gameplay, it’s only natural that the game would blow up as a competitive phenomenon, and as with all ground-breaking competitive games, comes exceptional competitive players. 


That is what this article is dedicated to, highlighting the demi-gods of this pantheon of heroes. The players who have transcended what it is to be an Overwatch pro and gone above and beyond to carve out in blood their place in the Esports history books.




For the 2019 season, Twilight has belonged to the Vancouver Titans. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the Vancouver Titans belonged to Twilight because he shined well and above any right he had to this year. 


Proving himself as an adaptable, flexible powerhouse, Twilight has dominated no matter what hero he is playing. 


As a flex support main, and the best one in the world at that, Twilight can often go underappreciated when compared to his scoreboard heavy teammates. An injustice that needs to be righted going forward.




Super of San Francisco Shock has had a thunderous year alongside his GOAT caliber teammates. Matthew DiLisi’s year has been phenomenal, working alongside his team to achieve one of the best performances this year.


His Reinhardt has arguably been the best in the world all year round and watching him, it’s easy to see why. His ability to maintain SF Shock’s front line is unparalleled. His timing, dexterity, leadership, and adaptability have all shone through in the way he has propelled his team to greatness. 




Serving as Super’s flex tank and second in command, ChoyHyoBin has played no small part in the already stated success of San Francisco Shock. 


Choy shines brightest when playing D.VA, showing himself to be a cut above the rest of the competition and easily one of, if not the best D.VA player in the world. 


He possesses an uncanny ability to traverse the map in a way unprecedented to those that came before him. He finds unique, exploitable angles, and applies lethal pressure to them, often being the key deciding factor into SF Shock taking home the W.


ChoyHyoBin is also incredibly self-aware. He knows his limits and when to not overdo it, and because of this, he helps SF Shock control the tempo of their matches very well, playing a critical part in the aggressive, fast-paced style that the team has become known for.


The world of Overwatch is full of unique personalities, strategic masterminds, and skillful behemoths. 


Listed above are three of such players, but make no mistake, there are many more. The OWL grows by the day, new players come and go, and for every hero in a top spot, there are one hundred more waiting, just a hair breathe away from taking that title, should they ever let their guard down. 


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