Talon: Main Antagonistic Faction

A game will not be made if there is no antagonist. In the narrative of Overwatch, the main antagonist is named Talon. This is composed of different individuals with their own ideas and goals. The current manifesto of Doomfist (de facto leader) is that conflict makes humanity stronger than before. Consequently, Talon wants to strengthen the human race by sowing turmoil across the world. That’s why Talon attacked with impunity both the civilians and military, for he disregards the standard rules.

Here are the known members of Talon:

A group of enigmatic criminals leads Talon, and in the inner council, there are an estimated 15 members.

1. Doomfist

He comes from Nigeria as a mercenary, and his real name is Akande Ogundimu. Through conflict, he took the goal of Talon in making stronger humanity to heart. And now, he is a charismatic and intelligent leader. He was put into prison when the team agents of Overwatch defeated him but he just broke out and continuously want to claim his weaponry again.

2. Reaper

He comes from the United States as a mercenary, too. Before, he was referred to as Gabriel Reyes. Reaper is included in the famed founder of the Overwatch Strike Team’s members. During Reaper’s days being a member of Overwatch, he also led the Blackwatch. Yet, he became jealous about the organization that led to Swiss Headquarters into an explosion and presumably made his death. On an unknown date, he joined the Talon and also became a leader of it.

3. Moira

She comes from Ireland as a geneticist. She forced herself to make unusual places such as the Oasis and Blackwater through her research about DNA that gone to be controversial.

4. Sanjay Korpal

He is an employee of Vishkar. He was included to be a leader of Vishkar in gaining control with the Rio de Janeiro.

5. Maximilien

She comes from Monaco as a rich monic accountant. Thus, she is now a daily croupier at the great Casino Monaco.

Talon has its paramilitary forces, too. This includes Trooper, Enforcer, Assassin, Sniper, and Heavy Assault.

1. Trooper – is the one that makes the Talon’s bulk. It has an unknown total number of members yet. They are still growing. Their outfits include helmets, a suppressed rifle, and a body armor.

2. Enforcer – they appear to have a cybernetic and genetic augmentation, and it makes them dangerous in real combat. Their outfits include helmets, shotgun, and body armor.

3. Assassin – they have balance, stealth, and enhanced speed. Their outfits include bladed tonfa, helmet, and body armor.

4. Sniper – they are the one who is always on a high spot that is very active and possesses frightening target strategies. Their outfits include a sniper rifle, helmet, and body armor.

5. Heavy Assault – they are durable, strong, and extremely large soldiers. They are good at protecting their selves and other soldiers. Their outfit includes dual mini-guns and powered exoskeleton. This makes it a good paramilitary forces in every battle that players will encounter.

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