Sigma: Overwatch’s New Hero

The long wait is over with the week-long teaser, the most awaited hero in the Overwatch is now revealed. The Blizzard are very proud to present to you the new hero 31, Sigma a scientist which he can control gravity. The company released a short-animated trailer introducing Sigma, which he had a dramatic event which he led him with the superpowers of control the gravity. The trailer with introducing Sigma in who he was and what he can do.

Who is Sigma?

Sigma is a Dutch which he comes from the Netherlands; his full name is Siebren de Kuiper. He is a brilliant scientist who is interested in astrophysics. He devoted his entire career for the idea of gravity, and he was researching black holes where he wants to harness it for the power. But suddenly, his experiment went wrong. It happens so fast, and the next thing he knows is that he was in a Government facility. He was contained and researched, which was named project Sigma.

He had a psychological damage that affected his brain and had a weird gravitational around him. As a big concern for him, he was quarantined because he became dangerous to the others and for himself.

What can Sigma do in the Gameplay?

The same as the other overwatch heroes, Sigma also has a special power which will give a great help with his team.  Sigma is also a tank character, which is the same with Reinhardt, Orisa, and Winston. However, he differs from the others for being a tank because he is a barrier tank.

It is a primary and experimental barrier tank which he can deploy it in any location and angles he wants to help his team in any situations. He also has weapons and ability, such as:

•    Hyper Spheres – it is his primary weapon in attacking his enemy. It has two round-burst with a very short distance projectile. It can bounce off in the surface at least in one time. It can create a proximity damage and around the radius when they are in a location. It also has a slight gravitational force which it can pull them.

•    Kinetic Grasp – is Sigma’s primary ability. A defense ability, which he can put afield in front of him. When he put his palm out, he can catch all the incoming damage that will come to his way. He can transform it into a protective shield for himself, and he can do it up to 400 shields.

•    Accretion – it is the ability to form a rock which from out of nothing to a mass of earth, where he can thrust it to his enemy. It can create a tremendous damage, but it will surely knock the enemy down.

•    Gravitic Flux – the same as Doomfist, you can have a big targeted area on the ground which you can capture as many enemies within the radius.  When you capture them, they will be propelled into the air which there will be a short of free gravity for some time and suspend it in mid-air. The enemy will be unable to move, and they will be crashing to the ground violently and causes a lot of damage. Which when you hit the ground it will be half of your max health.

Sigma would be an excellent addition for your team to win in the game. You can try his ability now because he is available now in the Public test region for more testing process and improvement of the character. Sigma will be coming to console and pc in Overwatch as soon as possible. So as for now have a ton of fun in its testing process.

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