Role of Support Heroes in Overwatch Game Play

Each player in the Overwatch team has exceptional performance and skills. But these qualities can still be enhanced through the help of the support heroes. They are responsible for boosting the survival opportunities, speed, and damage to the team. However, they can’t stand on their own it is why they need their teammates for their performance to be more dominating. The following heroes are what you need when you need to gain support and the type of protection you can receive.




Ana is one of the founding members of Overwatch and a former sniper who has decided to join the battle to protect her loved ones. She possesses a versatile arsenal that can safeguard other heroes in the battlefield safe. Through her Biotic Rifle and Biotic Grenade, she can restore the health of her allies while damaging the enemies.




Brigitte is known as a skilled metalsmith and mechanic who has taken the responsibility of defending her allies. She always accompanies another hero, Reinhardt, as the latter travels across Europe. She protects not only her friend but also those who need protection.




One of the distinct qualities of Lucio is his ability to use music to dominate and promote social change. He was a musician who uses his Sonic Amplifier that burst out projectiles and blasts of sound that can damage the enemies. Using his music, he is capable of healing his team to restore their health so they could return to their average speed and power again.




Mercy is the nano-biologist and field medic in the team who is capable of healing her team through the use of Valkyrie Suit. She acts as a guardian angel who can also strengthen them by utilizing her Caduceus Staff.




Moira is also another reliable support in Overwatch. She is a geneticist who is also a member of the Talons Council of Leaders capable of performing Quick Melee but does not need to reload. She owns a Primary Fire that can recharge by either dealing damage produced by her Secondary Fire or wait for it to recharge naturally fully.




Zenyatta’s is an omnic guru who is trying to resolve problems through connecting and engaging with humans. He has a powerful harmony and discord that can effectively heal his teammates while weakening his enemies. He can do these actions while putting himself in a transcendent state of immunity to damage.

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