Pros and Cons of Overwatch

Overwatch is regarded as one of the most played and acquired computer games with over millions of players around the world. In this regard, we are going to provide you with the pros and cons that you need to consider for a better and much more effective gaming experience.


  • One-Shot Potential

If you are using Widowmaker as your hero, she is the best sniper among others. She guarantees a one-shot potential that can eventually end the life of the enemies. Also, high precision damages are her target. She is capable of taking the life of enemies that have average health pools with headshots. With choice aiming and some patience, Widow has a great potential of getting picked using her primary weapons only. If there are a good angle and right opportunity, Widow effectively helps and cleans up a team with few shots only without getting noticed by other teams. This is considered her greatest asset by far.

  • High Skill Ceiling

If you thought that Overwatch is hard to play a computer game, well, you are wrong. Overwatch uses roster heroes who are so easy to use. Aside from that, the mechanics are boiling basically at aiming and shooting down enemies. If you have excellent skills in shooting, then you can win almost every game.

  • Range

The range is another advantage well-known for snipers. Good thing, Overwatch has the best sniper heroes, and one example of that is Widow. Widow has a weapon called hit-scan, which she uses to bring damage to the enemies even from a distance. Snipers have caveats such as damage fall-off and projectile travel time.

  • Map Effectiveness

Overwatch has effective maps, and some examples of that are the Oasis University and Nepal Village. These maps provide the players with an effective and memorable gaming experience that they can’t meet with other computer games.


  • Mobility is Low

Mobility is an essential need for a player to play effectively. Unfortunately, it does not have high mobility to support a well-experienced and efficient game. Overwatch may have great heroes with their unique abilities and weapons, but their mobility is low. This means that there are possibilities of lag, as well as unresponsive controllers that can lead to failure of the game.

  • Limited close-range options

Another con of this game is that it has limited close-range options. This means that whenever other characters or enemies are up-close, there is an only limited option for close-range activities such as aiming and shooting. This can greatly affect the performance of the player and might end to failure.

  • Limited flexibility

For the last con of this game, it has limited flexibility. Aside from mobility, flexibility is also an essential part of a game to enable the players to move and operate the controllers well. These controllers are responsible for controlling the movements of the heroes, and when its performance is not good, it can lead to failure of the game. Unfortunately, Overwatch has only limited flexibility, and it is a bad thing for this world-class and top used game across the world.

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