Overwatch: The Worst Support

Overwatch is Blizzard's hallmark, character-driven first-person shooter. It is a fiercely competitive game, and as such, its players want to be using the strongest characters.


Similarly to MOBAs, the game's heroes are divided into tiers that allow players to see who is good and who isn't, at a glance.


From the games three roles, tank, damage, and support, some shine bright, and others sink to the bottom like a lead balloon.


It is these lead balloons that we are discussing now. Specifically, of the support variety. Now, this isn't to say that this hero is entirely unusable, just that they are the bottom of the bunch. If you enjoy using them then great! Don't let me dissuade you from playing how you want to play.




Symmerta is one of Overwatch's original heroes, and right from the start, she hasn't seen too much play.


This low pick rate she did have, however, took a nosedive after Blizzard decided to move her back into the support class.


With this move came some "reworks" designed to make her fit into the role more securely. Given that Symmetra was changed back to support after a precious change, this obviously did not go down well.


Firstly, they nerfed her Photon Projectors range down to ten meters, giving it a charge up time of 1.5 seconds, and worst of all, changed its damage. They reduced it from 65/130/195 to 65/95/125, a crippling amount.


The secondary fire of the Photon Projector was also changed. They removed its exploding on impact effect, and instead gave it piercing properties. The speed at which the projectile traveled was changed from 25 m/s to 15 m/s, but to counteract that, the damage was increased to 65.


Blizzard also made Symmetra's Photon Barrier an ability, giving it decreased health and speed.


For her turrets, Symmetra could now hold six in total and started out with that amount. Critically, she could no longer throw turrets, now only capable of placing them within 20 feet of herself. The turrets health and slowing effect were decreased. But the cooldown per turret was improved from 10 seconds to eight.


Perhaps the most significant change to Symmetra's kit is the fact that Teleporter was changed to an ultimate. They decreased their health, but overall the ability was improved, as you would expect.


You have 60 seconds to place the exit portal of your Teleporter, with each portal opening up in front of Symmetra where you place them. They now have eight charges, and remain active until these charges run out, or they are destroyed.


Finally, Symmetra's Shield Generator ultimate was changed. They decreased the health of this ability down to 300 (50 health 250 shields). It now has a range of 50 meters, and all affected teammates, including Symmetra, gain 75 shields.


All of these changes are pretty bizarre. They were implemented to try and make her a better support, but looking at the kit, they almost seem to make her a better DPS.


Just an opinion, but I feel Blizzard dropped the ball with this one.

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